Hello hello! You guys have probably noticed that I like plants, what with Henry’s powers and my springtime obsession with The Secret Garden. There’s something about growing things that excites my imagination. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up in Southwestern New Mexico, where the color green isn’t something you take for granted. But when green does come…oh, it’s beautiful. When the rains finally come in the summer, the hills can change from the dull dead-grass color they are the majority of the year to a beautiful bright green of new grass in days. Even in the dry times of the year, there’s something so awe-inspiringRead More →

Do you ever see something – a vista, a sunrise, a meadow – and feel like it’s hinting at something more? Do you ever feel the sunlight, or hear the water in the stream, and pause to listen with your whole being because there’s something else in that sound and you don’t want to miss it? Do you ever read a book, or listen to a song, and imagine a place that feels like home even though you have no idea how to find it? I do. I see it in the world around me, in the sunlight on the leaves and the mountain flowersRead More →

I’ve already written about what my favorite time of year is at home and why, but it might surprise you to know that my overall favorite time of year is something different. Despite my love of storm clouds, wild flowers, and blackberry picking, summer isn’t my favorite season. Despite my fascination with snowflakes and frost, winter isn’t either. And contrary to my yearning for spring and all things green, springtime doesn’t make the top of the list. My favorite season is fall, autumn…that time of wondrous transition that is always too brief. When fall approaches, my eyes are drawn to colors I normally dismiss: gold, orange,Read More →

Unfortunately I’ve come down with some sort of cold that makes it where all I want to is curl up on the couch and sleep, so I haven’t been writing much. But at least today I have enough energy to write something. I’m going to give you all a little longer to read Frosted Fire before I dive into the story and the world of Agon (because spoilers are kind of necessary) so instead here’s another of my random musings: I am very weird about favorites. With most things, like books and food, when people ask me what my favorite is I tell them thatRead More →

Hello hello! As I type this post I am listening to the wind bash against the building and howl like it’s some tormented ghost bent on revenge. Maybe someone stole his books? Or his coffee, that would be revenge-worthy too. Anyway, it’s creepy and cold. Now, anyone reading my blog thus far would probably assume that I despise cold. That’s not true…come summer I’ll be reminiscing about the delightfully cold wind and snowstorms. But right now I’m ready for spring, especially since the last few days have been warm and sunny and wonderful. Alas, Mr. Wind has come and brought back his friend, Winter. Okay, enoughRead More →

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great February so far. So…February. The time of year when cold is starting to get old, but spring is still a month away (technical spring, that is.) This is the time of year when I start really wishing I could go out and garden. I want to be out in the cool air, my hands in the dirt, planting seeds that will soon grow into vibrant flowers. I want to see green things replacing the dull brown we see all winter, and see sun filtering through the leaves of trees. I want refreshing spring rainstorms, and frosty mornings that bloomRead More →