Hello hello everyone! Once again I’m a bit slow on my posting, but I have a good reason! The day after I got home (barely missing the snow storm. Gah! Someone should tell the weather that it’s May) my baby brother graduated with an associates degree, and the next day he graduated from highschool! (Yes, I’m bragging a bit…but, hey! It’s a big sister’s job, right? 😉 ) By the way: yes, he looks older than me, but I’m the eldest, I swear! I’ve lost count of the people who’ve thought I was the younger of the two. *sigh* I’m gonna be twenty-five and peopleRead More →

Hello hello!!! I’m back from camp, which I am sad and happy about at the same time. I’m sad because camp is over and now I have to wait another year before I can work there again, but I’m happy because it means I can share everything I’ve learned with others. Being back from camp also leaves me with a paradox because physically I’m exhausted (I may or may not be taking two naps a day to recover) but spiritually I’m rejuvenated and ready to keep running the race! And part of that race is writing more books! On to the main subject of thisRead More →