Hello hello! So, I’ve got some updates on several matters. First, as of Wednesday I will have finished my last midterm (oh for the day I can say that about finals!), and I’ve registered for my graduation ceremony. It’s starting to get real, guys! However, in between midterms and my final final (ha, I crack myself up), are a LOT of involved school assignments. And senoritis is starting to hit (mostly in the form of reading way too many novels considering the amount of schoolwork I have to get done), making it even more important to guard my concentration… Partly because of this, I’m pushingRead More →

Hello hello! Once again, I’ve gone MIA without fully intending to. I blame homework. But yesterday I turned my exegetical in, and now I have a little breathing room! Although now it’s midterm season, so I should probably be careful how much breathing room I take… no matter. Today I’m celebrating freedom! And ignoring the limits to that freedom. 😉 I have a new addition to my website for you all! I finally added a page listing the books I’m working on with (very general, subject to change) release estimates. Right now I have my projects put down through next year, though I may addRead More →