Secrets of the National Parks Collection

Are the National Parks really to preserve landmarks? Or is there another, secret purpose that is beyond our wildest dreams? A dwarvish city in Mount Rainier, dragons in Yellowstone, an elvish settlement in Yosemite…and behind it all is an alliance between the park service and the creatures of faerie to keep the public unaware. Join them as they face enemies and embark on adventures all contained in the Secrets of the National Parks.


Shadow of Memory: Secrets of the National Parks Book I

Valerie lost her memories 5 years ago. She awoke in a hospital with two kind strangers by her side, her injuries giving the only clue to who she was. Since then, living in a series of national parks with her rescuers, she has caught glimpses of creatures that shouldn’t exist.
Shortly after relocating to Rocky Mountain National Park, she meets a handsome, mysterious stranger. Can he help her find the truth about the faerie creatures…and her own identity?


Dragon’s Flight: Secrets of the National Parks Book II

Dragon’s Flight continues the story of the faerie creatures in the National Parks. Zareth, Valkyrie and Aleric’s son, discovers abilities he never dreamed he’d possess, and a purpose he hadn’t known he’d been looking for.
Just in time too, because a new foe is threatening Yellowstone, and it may be one of the most dangerous faerie creatures alive. While confronting the problems in Yellowstone, Zareth learns about friendship, loyalty, bravery, and love.
It will take everything Zareth has to protect those he loves because the violence is not limited to Yellowstone…it spans the continent.