The Legends of Emyr is a dark fantasy series of standalone stories all taking place in the world of Enwylda: home to fae from your wildest dreams…and your darkest nightmares.

Legends of Emyr

Memories of Salt and Stone

A woman tormented by her past. A man who knows her secrets but has never offered his trust. A threat they can’t ignore…even if it leads to their downfall.

Ronan has long given up looking to the future. Instead, she keeps her focus on the present: working, surviving…hiding. And she tries not to be overwhelmed by memories of a life she never wanted to leave behind. But secrets, like memories, have a way of taking you when you’re least prepared.

The land is changing. Refugees flee from the north, children are going missing…and Ronan might have the key to both mysteries. Even though it risks what little she has left, can Ronan ignore a cry for help? Once, she was more than this…perhaps she should be again. But if she stands to fight, there’s no turning back: hiding will turn to running…and she’ll have to face more than memories if she wants to survive.

Which means a reunion with the one man alive who knows her every secret: Corwin. Even in the good times, Ronan never knew where they stood between friend and foe. Now, with no one to make them get along, Corwin has no reason to trust her and every reason to leave her behind. But memories have a way of drawing people together. And Ronan will need every ally she can find if she means to enter this fight.

Bound together by a grief they can’t forget, both determined to enter a war they have little chance of winning…Ronan and Corwin may find that their hearts are more united than they ever would’ve guessed. And that has more power than the stories say…

Memories of Blood and Bone

A young huntress. A deadly fae. Enough secrets to destroy them all.

Danika and her brother, Damir, are Emyr Hunters: members of an elite guild who protect the people of Byrask from the fae that fill their forests. They’re also broke and desperate. Which is why they agree to take on a bounty for a deadly Emyr, even though everyone else who dared to hunt him has died in the attempt. Danika might have misgivings over the risk, but Damir is determined. And she’ll follow her brother into the darkest abyss if she has to.

Velislav is an Emyr with blood on his hands, leaving a path of bodies and terror in his wake. He is everything Danika has been taught to despise about the Emyr: bloodthirsty, cunning, and careless with the lives he destroys. And he’s far more powerful than any fae they’ve hunted before. So why, when they finally meet, does he let them live? Why does he seem more concerned with warning them than defending his own life? The longer Danika tracks Velislav, the more she wonders what’s really going on between this deadly Emyr and the man who hired them to kill him. This conflict isn’t as black and white as Danika believed, and she’s not so certain that Velislav is the one they should be chasing.

She’s not supposed to show compassion toward their quarry. She’s certainly not supposed to question if he’s truly the monster their employer claimed. As the body count rises, and more and more secrets come to light, Danika’s not so sure she’s standing on the right side. But when death surrounds her, and everyone involved seems to believe spilling more blood is the only answer, what can she do? The path of the hunter is forged in blood and bone. Can she find a way out? Or is she already doomed to betray someone before this hunt ends?