Agonizomai Series


The world of Agon: home to people gifted by the Creator with abilities beyond imagination. People who control wind, fire, ice, and trees. People who can heal the worst illness and the most gruesome injury. People with a secret strength waiting to be harnessed…And a great evil threatening to destroy them all. Join princesses, kings, warriors, and ordinary citizens as they fight against the dark magic and rediscover what it means to follow the Creator.



The Agonizomai Series Book 1: Frosted Fire

Fire and Ice…two elements as incompatible as the people who wield them. Once, that may have been true, but that was before the Barons’ annihilation of those gifted in controlling elements. All wielders are forced to overcome their differences if they want to survive, but will working together be enough to stop the Barons’ dark enchantments? Their only hope rests in an ancient weapon unique to wielders, a weapon that defies everything they’ve been taught about their power. Iyanka and Victorin may find that Frosted Fire has more power than anyone could have guessed…if they can learn to wield it before the threatening darkness destroys everyone.


The Agonizomai Series Book 2: Born in Darkness

Eero Henry, second son of the great King Duna. The most powerful young sorcerer of his age, the loyal servant of his father, the scourge of the Theophiloi. Henry was raised to use magic, to do what was required of him, and to never question his father’s orders. But there are some bonds stronger than his loyalty to his king, and when tragedy turns Henry against his father, he’s exiled. His life as Eero, as a sorcerer, follows him to a new land, and he’s dragged into a punishment for a people he doesn’t even belong to. A punishment he can’t escape. But maybe there is a way out. Maybe the magic running through him isn’t true strength like he’s been told. Trapped and forced to face all that he’s ever done, Henry questions whether what he’s been taught about magic, and the Theophiloi, is really true. But even if Henry gives in, even if he’s set free, the question remains…can someone born into darkness ever really escape?