The world of Agon: home to people gifted by the Creator with abilities beyond imagination. People who control wind, fire, ice, and trees. People who can heal the worst illness and the most gruesome injury. People with a secret strength waiting to be harnessed…And a great evil threatening to destroy them all. Join princesses, kings, warriors, and ordinary citizens as they fight against the dark magic and rediscover what it means to follow the Creator.


Agonizomai Series Book I: Frosted Fire

Once, Iyanka thought her life would bring an end to centuries of conflict between the wielders of ice and fire. Now, all she hopes for is another day without a knife at her throat.

For the past four years, Iyanka has lived in the shadow of Baron Malchomy. He and the other barons condemned the wielders as sorcerers, and then used dark magic of their own to slaughter every wielder they could find. Malchomy killed her family, and he would see it as the highest honor to kill Iyanka, if he ever found out she’s alive. Luckily for Iyanka, he never visits his kitchens.

It’s a narrow line she walks, living among the men who annihilated her people. Her once prized hold over ice and frost is a deadly liability. One misstep, one person uncovering her true name, and her years of hiding will come to a gruesome end.

Except when someone at Baron Malchomy’s castle does learn her name, she finds that not everyone she once knew is dead. Another wielder lives in Malchomy’s shadow, a man who belongs to a past she can’t forget, and a future that never was. Can she trust the hope that he offers her? Or will the promise of frosted fire fall to the barons as well?

Agonizomai Series Book II: Born in Darkness

Henry’s story isn’t one that should be told in pieces. In the overgrown gardens of Agera, Henry promised  Princess Iyanka that someday he’d tell her his story. If it were anyone else, the promise would lay dormant. Even in its entirety, Henry’s story isn’t one to trifle with…

Eero Henry, second son of the great King Duna of Ecleath. The most powerful young sorcerer of his age and the scourge of the Theophiloi. Henry was raised to depend on magic, to do what was required of him, and to never question his father’s orders.

Except there are some bonds stronger that his loyalty to his king, and when tragedy turns Henry against his father, he’s exiled. As an outcast, Henry’s life as Eero and sorcerer follows him, until he’s dragged into a punishment for a people not his own. A punishment he can’t escape.

Imprisoned and forced to face all that he’s ever done, Henry questions whether what he’s been taught about magic, and the Theophiloi, is true. Maybe magic isn’t the true strength he’s been told. Maybe there is a way out of his prison.

But even if Henry gives in, even if he’s set free, the question remains…can someone born in darkness ever really escape?

Agonizomai Series Book III: Broken Healer

The aerhme trained Sioned as a healer. The night people turned her into a weapon. And the shadows tainting her blood promise to shape her into a nightmare.

All Sioned has ever wanted was to heal, but lately all she’s done is destroy. Now, Sioned faces a choice: give in and become the weapon the night people forced her to be, or hope the rumored dragon of the wastes is more merciful than the legends claim.

She knows escape won’t be so simple, though. The night people’s reach extends beyond the steppes, and soon nowhere will be far enough to hide. What little hope she has depends on a misfit band standing against the night people. If she stands with them, if she can preserve their lives so they can keep fighting, perhaps they can show her a way out of the shadows.

But maybe the voices in the shadows are right. Maybe she’s fallen too far for redemption. After all, in a world filled with legends and dragons…what use is a broken healer?