Welcome to the library! Here you’ll find an overview of all my books. Feel free to roam the shelves! You can find more information, as well as extra material like short stories and maps, on the series specific pages. Feel free to shout out if you have questions or if there’s something more you’d like to see!

Legends of Emyr

A woman tormented by her past
A man who knows her secrets, but has never offered his trust
A threat they can’t ignore…even if it leads to their downfall

A young huntress.
A deadly fae.
Enough secrets to destroy them all.

They wonthe battle in Tyrzen…
But will they survive the dangers of the sea?

An imprisoned fae.
A disgraced hunter.
An enemy haunting their nightmares.

Standalone Books

A woman of secrets. A lord of living stone. Which will break first, the curse…or their hearts?

Ashton Legacies

A young woman far from home.
An enigmatic new husband.
A strange new world full of danger…and some of it might be familiar.

A doubting champion.
A woman carrying more secrets than answers.
A coming Solstice that demands blood…but who will still live when the sun sets?

Agonizomai Series

A princess in hiding.
A man who knows her name.
Can they escape the hunters who destroyed two kingdoms to keep them apart?

A disgraced prince.
A realm on the verge of ruin.
Can he escape a second exile?

A slave girl with a secret.
A dragon in the wastelands.
A darkness that threatens to devour them all.

A blind girl with a penchant for trouble.
A disillusioned warrior intent on stopping her.
A conspiracy that could bring a kingdom to its knees.

A teenage warrior guarding his home.
Dark secrets coming to light.
Who can Zef trust as enemies gather in the shadows?

A healer intent on saving a city.
An exiled prince forced back to his homeland.
War is looming…will the shadows take them all?

A reluctant king.
A shy healer.
A kingdom consumed by darkness.

Secrets of the National Parks Collection

An ansomniac with scars that go deeper than the surface, a mysterious man who claims he knows her… can Valerie discover who she was before the dangers of her past catch up to her?

Zareth isn’t one to shrink from a challenge, even if that challenge involves dragons. But even with new allies, will he be strong enough to stand against the newest threat to the National Parks?

While Zareth trains more Wrydian to join the coming war, Aderyn searches for her purpose. They tell her she has the power to protect them all…but who will protect her new-found family from her?