Welcome to the music room! Here’s where I compile the “official” playlists for all my books These playlists are made up of songs I listened to while I wrote the book, songs I consider the “theme song” of certain characters, and songs that would totally be on the soundtrack if my books are ever made into movies. Enjoy!


Stone Heart

“Sellers of Flowers” -Regina Spektor | Ember at the beginning of Stone Heart.

“Wolfborn” -Brunnuhville | I practically listened to this song on repeat while I wrote Stone Heart. To me, it perfectly captures the essence of this story

“Hazy Shade of Winter” -Hidden Citizens | Dyrerisan

“One Last Breath” -Tommee Profitt & Nicole Serrano | Ember…you know why.

“Hold on For Your Life” -Sam Tinnesz | Dyrerisan to Ember

“Departure” -Twelve Titans Music

Legends of Emyr

Memories of Salt and Stone

“Depths” -UNSECRET | Ronan in Chapter 1

“Memories” -Within Temptation | Ronan’s dreams, especially in Book 1

“Far From Home” -Sam Tinnesz | Ronan in the Luminary Mountains

“I Don’t Miss You” -Sam Tinnesz | Corwin to Adish

“Never Leave Your Side” -Sam Tinnesz | Corwin to Ronan

“Rusalka, Rusalka” -The Decemberists Nikita and Vasska

“Little Do You Know” -Alex & Sierra Ronan and Corwin, Book 4 Chapters 6-8

“Heroes” -Zayde Wolf | The Luminaries Return

Agonizomai Series

“Who Will Save Us Now” -David Chappell

 “My Story” -Big Daddy Weave

Frosted Fire

“Nebula” -Brunuhville

“All the Kings Horses” -Karmina

“Ascolta” -Ludovico Einaudi

“We Could Be the Heroes” by Young Summer

“Tomorrow We Fight” -Tommee Profitt feat SVRCINA

“Meet me on the Battlefield” -SVRCINA

Born in Darkness

“Lift Your Eyes” -Twelve Titans Music General theme song

“Undone” -Tommee Profitt & Fluerie Henry as Eero of Ecleath

“East to West” Casting Crowns Henry in the second half of the book, after he’s released from Plarim

Broken Healer

“Beware of Darkness” -Hidden Citizens

“Back to the Garden” -Crowder Sioned in the wastes

“Set Me Free” -Casting Crowns |Doesn’t this fit Sioned so well?

“Who Am I?” -Casting Crowns

Menacing Whispers

“Team” -Lorde | Theme for The Family.

“Be Free” –Zayde Wølf | The more playful side of The Family

“Fear No More” -Building 429

“This is Our Time” -Hidden Citizens

“Enemy” -Newsboys

“Will I Make it Out Alive” -Tommee Profitt

“Be Here For You” -Sam Tinnesz | Jair to Caidi. Sam Tinnesz’s voice is what I imagine Jair’s to be like.

Winds of Wrath

“Arrow” -Half Alive | Zef’s theme song.

“Flying, Not Falling” –Eternal Eclipse | Zef and Henry’s travels

“Amen” -For King and Country | I don’t know why, but this song always makes me think of Zef.

“Healing Begins” -Tenth Avenue North | To the Plarim Gardeners

“Afterlight” -Eternal Eclipse | End credits song.

Shrouded Hope

“Darkness Falls” -UNSECRET & Cece and the Dark Hearts | Opening credits song, of sorts.

“Chosen” –Generdyn feat, Svrcina | Sioned and friends in Tusta

“Set Me Free” acoustic -Casting Crowns | Freeing Tusta.

“I Have This Hope” -Tenth Avenue North | Henry in Fallen Sea Fortress

“Reach” -Eternal Eclipse | Rescuing Henry.

“Centuries” -Fall Out Boy | The Challenge.

Heir Eternal

“Heart of the Darkness” -Sam Tinnesz | Henry and his friends entering Ecleath.

“Onward and Upward” –Tommee Profitt (feat. Fluerie) | Henry’s coronation

“The Hate Inside” -Tommee Profitt (feat. Sam Tinnesz) | Henry to his enemies

“Carry You” -Ruelle (feat. Fluerie) | Sioned and Henry

Ashton Legacies

“Hey Brother” -Avicii | For the Ashton family.

“Homeward Bound” -Taryn Harbridge | For the New Mexico Ashton Homestead

“Fly” -Ludovico Einaudi

Aderes in Karkhana

“Soulbound” -Taylor Davis | Karkhana’s theme

“Thy Will” -Hilary Scott & The Scott Family | Aderes’s lament/prayer near the beginning of the book.

“Breakfast” -Half Alive

“Unpack Your Heart” – Philip Philips

“Slip Away” -Ruelle | Aderes…you know when.

Viggo in Orlin

“Monster” -Imagine Dragons | Viggo’s song

“Heroes Never Die”  -UNSECRET feat. KRIGARÈ | Isenia to Viggo

“Never Say Die” -Neoni | Morning of the Solstice

“Jumping into Danger” -Zayde Wolf & EDVN | Viggo going against Aarav

Secrets of the National Parks

Sadly, I wrote these books long enough ago that I didn’t really keep track of what music I was listening to (or at least, I can’t find where I wrote it down). So these books don’t currently have playlists. I will add songs as I find/rediscover them.

If you have any songs you think fit the series, send them to me!