Welcome to the music room! Here’s where I compile the “official” playlists for all my books These playlists are made up of songs I listened to while I wrote the book, songs I consider the “theme song” of certain characters, and songs that would totally be on the soundtrack if my books are ever made into movies. Enjoy!

Agonizomai Series

“Who Will Save Us Now” -David Chappell

 “My Story” -Big Daddy Weave

Frosted Fire

“Nebula” -Brunuhville

“All the Kings Horses” -Karmina

“Ascolta” -Ludovico Einaudi

“We Could Be the Heroes” by Young Summer

“Tomorrow We Fight” -Tommee Profitt feat SVRCINA

“Meet me on the Battlefield” -SVRCINA

Born in Darkness

“Lift Your Eyes” -Twelve Titans Music

“Undone” -Tommee Profitt & Fluerie

“East to West” Casting Crowns

Broken Healer

“Beware of Darkness” -Hidden Citizens

“Back to the Garden” -Crowder

“Set Me Free” -Casting Crowns

“Who Am I?” -Casting Crowns

Menacing Whispers

“Team” -Lorde Theme for The Family.

“Be Free” –Zayde Wølf The more playful side of The Family

“Fear No More” -Building 429

“This is Our Time” -Hidden Citizens

“Enemy” -Newsboys

“Will I Make it Out Alive” -Tommee Profitt

“Be Here For You” -Sam Tinnesz Jair to Caidi. Sam Tinnesz’s voice is what I imagine Jair’s to be like.

Ashton Legacies

“Hey Brother” -Avicii For the Ashton family.

“Homeward Bound” -Taryn Harbridge For the New Mexico Ashton Homestead

“Fly” -Ludovico Einaudi

Aderes in Karkhana

“Soulbound” -Taylor Davis  Karkhana’s theme

“Thy Will” -Hilary Scott & The Scott Family Aderes’s lament/prayer near the beginning of the book.

“Breakfast” -Half Alive

“Unpack Your Heart” – Philip Philips

“Slip Away” -Ruelle Aderes…you know when.


Stone Heart

“Wolfborn” -Brunnuhville I practically listened to this song on repeat while I wrote Stone Heart. To me, it perfectly captures the essence of this story

“Hold on For Your Life” -Sam Tinnesz I found this song only recently, but I’m adding it because it fits so well.

Secrets of the National Parks

Sadly, I wrote these books long enough ago that I didn’t really keep track of what music I was listening to (or at least, I can’t find where I wrote it down). So these books don’t currently have playlists. I will add songs as I find/rediscover them.

If you have any songs you think fit the series, send them to me!