Hello hello! It’s fall!!! Today it’s one of those gray days, with the blank blanket of clouds blocking out the sun and shrouding the mountains from sight, with a misty sort of rain and wind that reminds us winter is coming. One of those days with a wonderful chill that sparks life even as if makes me shiver. Beautiful. All the same, I’m happy for my hoodie. And the leaves! The leaves are so beautiful… This past weekend I was out in the mountains, once again rendered breathless by the golden rivers of aspen groves across the mountains. But I think the scene that capturesRead More →

Hello hello! Welp. I’m back in Denver, and less than a week away from another bundle of classes (I’m kind of tipping back and forth between excited and terrified because all the shiny new knowledge! But also so many assignments…). Hopefully once I get into the rhythm I can attack the rest of Henry’s story with a vengeance (an appropriate term to use for his story, but more on that later… 😉 ). I’m over half-way through and I’m SO excited for what comes next! It’s so much fun, guys…Henry may steal first place for my favorite character to write and know (if he hasn’tRead More →

Well, I’m finally back. I went MIA for a month while I worked at Bible camp, but the time since then was just me struggling to catch up on sleep and get my act back together. 😉 Of course, it’s still not fully together: I owe you guys Midnight’s Wings posts, but tonight I have a headache that’s somewhat limiting my activities. Not fun, but I’ll give in and make this an update/spoiler warning post instead. If you haven’t read Midnight’s Wings yet, go get it on Amazon! That way when I rant about it in my next post I won’t spoil it for you!Read More →

Hey everybody! Exciting news: Midnight’s Wings is now available for pre-order! It’ll be released next Friday, June 7th. We’re so close! Those of you who prefer the paperback might have to wait until Friday to order it, but for anyone who wants the kindle version, have at it! (This is also the first time I’ve used KDP’s pre-order function, so if you have any issues or questions, shoot me an email!). Here’s the link for pre-order on Amazon: Midnight’s Wings So what are you waiting for? Go order Midnight’s Wings!Read More →

Hello hello! Just a quick update so you know what’s going on in my super extravagant life (haha, as if). I’m making a lot of progress on Midnight’s Wings (praise the Lord) especially on the weekends. In fact, last Friday alone I began and finished a new chapter (a very fun chapter that I can’t wait to share with you guys!). And the week before that I hit a new record for words written in a day…now it’s 8,000 words! Not all of that was on Midnight’s Wings…about two thirds was on a short story idea that refused to let me think about anything elseRead More →

Hello Everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I can’t believe it’s already 2019…day before yesterday marked the one year anniversary of this blog, and man did it go by fast. I was planning to do some sort of special post in celebration of Christmas, or New Years, but my life’s been a little crazy lately and it slipped past without me doing anything. I was also planning to write some post of flowing prose celebrating the beauty of winter (to complete my posts on the seasons) but that’s going to have to wait until next year because I am already done with winter.Read More →

Hello hello! Welp. I just realized I missed my usual every-other-week schedule for posting. Sorry about that… all I can say is that end-of-semester brain is a thing. Seriously, I can hardly carry on an intelligent conversation. I’ll be talking with someone, and then my brain decides “we don’t need to understand this” and I’m left standing there with no idea what the person just said. But I can explain to you all of the events following the assassination of Julius Caesar! And recite Greek paradigms! And a bunch of other wonderful things that I’ve been memorizing for finals that are super fascinating but but why can’tRead More →

Hello hello! I hope everybody is enjoying their fall! Are you excited for Thanksgiving? I know I am. Not only does it mean a (much needed) break from school, it also means I get to see my family, friends, and kitties, and my dog and my birds…mustn’t forget the birds! The Romans thought chickens were sacred, you know…there was one general in Rome who went into a battle, lost pretty much the entire Roman navy, killed a whole bunch of soldiers, and what is he tried for when he gets back? Throwing the sacred chickens overboard. No joke. He was exiled because he threw theRead More →

I’m in a very good mood today. My roommate and I were getting stir crazy on campus and decided to go on an adventure that would also allow us to get homework done. As a result, I’m writing this post from the Denver Cat Company, an awesome coffee shop where cats reign! (As if they don’t rule the rest of the world too… 😉 ) This is the first day in over a month that I’ve pet a cat, and I am so happy that this place exists! Fifteen cats, coffee, and writing…hard to think of a better day. Of course, I’ve accomplished very littleRead More →

Hello hello! I was thinking of what to write this week, and I realized I haven’t talked about what’s going on with current projects for a while. So…here we go! Update on the wondrous, fabulous, adventurous life of….are you laughing yet? No? Okay. *clears throat* I’m back in Colorado about to begin my…fourth week of Sophomore year. Goodness, I hadn’t realized I’ve been back that long. Anyway, I’m getting in the hang of my new classes and my homework load. I’m taking some really awesome classes this year that I can’t wait to apply to my writing. Ancient Mediterranean World, for one. Man the GreeksRead More →