I’m home! Finals are over, freshman year of college is completed, and I am back in New Mexico! Now I can sit back and relax…just kidding! Now I can focus on finishing Frosted Fire! I’m super close to finishing the rough draft, and now that I don’t have tests to study for I can give it my full concentration and brain power. (Which was suffering from so much studying, but I’m getting better 😉 ) So last post I showed you one of my bad poems and now I’m going to show a few of my better poems. These were also assignments for my Creative WritingRead More →

Hello hello! Hope Everyone’s spring is wonderful so far! It’s warm today, and the grass turned green practically overnight about a week ago, and all the trees are blooming…it’s wonderful. It feels very weird that it’s almost May, though. Where did March and April go? I only have two weeks of school left before my first year of college is over…that’s so weird to think about. Speaking of school: in my Creative Writing class we’ve been writing poetry. Now, I love poetry. I love reading poetry by Wordsworth, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Keats. And I have poets in my family: my Grandpa and my Mom.Read More →