Unfortunately I’ve come down with some sort of cold that makes it where all I want to is curl up on the couch and sleep, so I haven’t been writing much. But at least today I have enough energy to write something. I’m going to give you all a little longer to read Frosted Fire before I dive into the story and the world of Agon (because spoilers are kind of necessary) so instead here’s another of my random musings: I am very weird about favorites. With most things, like books and food, when people ask me what my favorite is I tell them thatRead More →

Christianity isn’t going to church when you feel like it and praying when you need something. It isn’t having fancy cars and tons of money and all your dreams come true. No, Christianity is giving all you have even when you don’t know where your next meal is going to come from. It is making God your EVERYTHING because He is the Creator of the universe who sent his Son to die for scum like you and me. It’s asking God what His plan is for your life and making THAT your dream because our purpose is to serve Him and Him alone. To hellRead More →

Dragons. I love dragons so much I can hardly describe it. Giant, fierce dragons that terrorize villages, steal maidens, slaughter knights, and can only be defeated by the most valiant hero. Small, pesky dragons that are like house cats with wings, stealing food and hanging about, but being so cute and lovable no one has the heart to run them off. Dragons so ancient that no one can imagine a time without the beast flying overhead and stealing the occasional sheep. Wise dragons that attract brave men and women with the promise of untold knowledge as the treasure. Young, clumsy dragons that are still learningRead More →

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great February so far. So…February. The time of year when cold is starting to get old, but spring is still a month away (technical spring, that is.) This is the time of year when I start really wishing I could go out and garden. I want to be out in the cool air, my hands in the dirt, planting seeds that will soon grow into vibrant flowers. I want to see green things replacing the dull brown we see all winter, and see sun filtering through the leaves of trees. I want refreshing spring rainstorms, and frosty mornings that bloomRead More →