Today I’ve woken up. After days, weeks, even months of a strange sleep, once again I’m struck with an understanding powerful beyond description. Coming through a class on the last supper in the Gospel of John, I’m struck by the bittersweetness of it all. Here Jesus is, nearing His death, knowing what He will face, knowing He will be betrayed and abandoned and denied by those who’ve followed him the most closely, knowing He’s being hated and condemned and killed by the very people He came to save, knowing He’s about to face unimaginable pain and suffering, and knowing it has to happen. He can’tRead More →

By all means, write what you know. Look at the world around you: take off the blinders, step out of your own mind, catch glimpses of lives as utterly unique and unknowable as the mysteries of the ages. Never stop learning, never stop growing, and never stop using every lesson in your writing. Take this vibrant life given to you and use it; soak it in and pour it out with every ounce of talent God has given you, and then hone your skill to do it even better. This is vital. There is nothing new under the sun, and no story worth telling doesn’tRead More →

Do you ever see something – a vista, a sunrise, a meadow – and feel like it’s hinting at something more? Do you ever feel the sunlight, or hear the water in the stream, and pause to listen with your whole being because there’s something else in that sound and you don’t want to miss it? Do you ever read a book, or listen to a song, and imagine a place that feels like home even though you have no idea how to find it? I do. I see it in the world around me, in the sunlight on the leaves and the mountain flowersRead More →

Alright, full confession: yesterday I was focused on spending time with family and didn’t get around to writing a blog post. But I’m going to use my forgetfulness to my advantage… I love Thanksgiving. I love that we have a day dedicated to giving thanks for our lives and what we have. I love that I get a break from school so I can come home. And, I’ll freely admit it, I like the food. There are a lot of my favorite foods that I only get a chance to eat at Thanksgiving (mainly cranberry sauce and mincemeat pie). Most of all, I love whatRead More →

The last two weeks have been hard. It’s that time of the semester where everyone is in need of a good nap, students and Professors alike. When due dates for big projects are approaching, too quickly for the comfort of many, and it seems like there’s no time to slow down. There’s always more homework to do, another assignment to work on, another event you promised to help with or go to. Keep pushing, keep working: sleep a little, drink too much coffee… Take a break to go to an event that brings joy, but also drains you of what little energy you had left.Read More →

There’s something so intoxicating about a story in my head. A new story, with new characters taking on lives of their own within my thoughts. For days, sometimes weeks, it’s all I think about in quiet moments. It’s such a sweet and wondrous feeling to imagine the people and all that happens, to feel what they feel and be able to picture it perfectly in my head. It’s such a special privilege to see how they grow and change, to be with them in moments of strength and brokenness, triumph and tragedy. For some stories, that’s only the first step, and what comes after isRead More →

I’ve already written about what my favorite time of year is at home and why, but it might surprise you to know that my overall favorite time of year is something different. Despite my love of storm clouds, wild flowers, and blackberry picking, summer isn’t my favorite season. Despite my fascination with snowflakes and frost, winter isn’t either. And contrary to my yearning for spring and all things green, springtime doesn’t make the top of the list. My favorite season is fall, autumn…that time of wondrous transition that is always too brief. When fall approaches, my eyes are drawn to colors I normally dismiss: gold, orange,Read More →

Unfortunately I’ve come down with some sort of cold that makes it where all I want to is curl up on the couch and sleep, so I haven’t been writing much. But at least today I have enough energy to write something. I’m going to give you all a little longer to read Frosted Fire before I dive into the story and the world of Agon (because spoilers are kind of necessary) so instead here’s another of my random musings: I am very weird about favorites. With most things, like books and food, when people ask me what my favorite is I tell them thatRead More →

Christianity isn’t going to church when you feel like it and praying when you need something. It isn’t having fancy cars and tons of money and all your dreams come true. No, Christianity is giving all you have even when you don’t know where your next meal is going to come from. It is making God your EVERYTHING because He is the Creator of the universe who sent his Son to die for scum like you and me. It’s asking God what His plan is for your life and making THAT your dream because our purpose is to serve Him and Him alone. To hellRead More →

Dragons. I love dragons so much I can hardly describe it. Giant, fierce dragons that terrorize villages, steal maidens, slaughter knights, and can only be defeated by the most valiant hero. Small, pesky dragons that are like house cats with wings, stealing food and hanging about, but being so cute and lovable no one has the heart to run them off. Dragons so ancient that no one can imagine a time without the beast flying overhead and stealing the occasional sheep. Wise dragons that attract brave men and women with the promise of untold knowledge as the treasure. Young, clumsy dragons that are still learningRead More →