Hello hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Resurrection Day, and that your spring so far is cheery and filled with flowers! The grass is finally green here in Colorado, and the campus is filled with daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and pansies that lift my heart every time I walk passed their smiling faces. It’s actually warm enough that the windows are open! (Although, there are some clouds coming in that might mean more snow.) My life has been kind of crazy lately: a mixture of mountain adventures, wonderful firsts, and the increasing pressure of schoolwork. Over spring break I learned that yes, I can walkRead More →

Hello everybody! Today I’m revealing a little about my newest project, which has a working title of Fire and Ice. This story takes place in a new world, but it will not be a standalone. Fire and Ice actually takes place in a world I’ve been developing for years, and I am super excited for all of you to finally get a glimpse into this amazing realm. I’ll save most of the world info for when this book is actually finished, but suffice to say it is my most-developed world yet, complete with a map of one of the continents! (That’s it in the picture aboveRead More →