Hey! So, once again I missed my normal post time, but this time I have a semi-respectable reason! The weekend I meant to post an update I was home for Thanksgiving Break (which was wonderful!). That alone means more distractions, but this time I faced the slight problem of a power outage. And then our internet was out. Ahem. Like I said, semi-respectable. I have news to make up for it, though… over break I finished the rough draft of Born in Darkness!!! It clocked in at over 92,000 words, my longest book yet, and I’m already working on adding more scenes to flesh outRead More →

Only two weeks and two more papers between me and freedom! (“freedom” I have homework I have to do over break, but I’m choosing to ignore that at the moment.) Thanksgiving is so close I can…almost…touch it… And then I can be home with my family and my kitty cats! Oh man I’m excited. But my upcoming break from school isn’t the only light at the end of the tunnel…I’m also getting excitingly (that’s a word, right?) close to finishing the rough draft of Henry’s book! For those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw that I broke 80,000 words on Friday!Read More →

Hello hello! So finals are coming up… but I only have two more papers this semester and then no more academic writing for the summer! I’m so excited to be free to write my books, and I can’t wait to see how much progress I make. I’m seriously pumped for summer. And I need it too… boy do I ever need it. Anyway, I bet you’re wondering about the title of this post. Well, for those of you who’ve read Frosted Fire, you know Henry is a gardener, which means he can control plants. We get a glimpse of what he can do in FrostedRead More →

Hello hello! I hope you all are having a wonderful spring! It snowed again, but rather than make you read another rant against winter, I decided to share a painting I finished a couple weeks ago that pretty much sums up my attitude about the situation (it’s the background of this post image). On the bright side, the flowers are out, the grass is green, and the birds are still singing! Writing is going well. Since Spring Break I’ve stumbled into a routine that allows me to write more often and still finish my homework (Or maybe my desperation and excitement to write is givingRead More →

For those of you who’ve read Frosted Fire, you probably noticed the author’s note at the back explaining the name of the series. Today I’m going to explain and expand on why I chose this name. So…Agonizomai. Pretty long, and pretty hard to pronounce. Why did I make it the series name? Contrary to what you might think, it wasn’t to give you another impossible-to-pronounce name (Agonizomai is pronounced something like ag-o-ni-zo-my, by the way.) No…I choose Agonizomai because of its meaning. Agonizomai is a Greek word meaning to contend with an adversary, or to strive earnestly, and it’s used in the Bible with theRead More →

Today we’re going to talk about the main character of Frosted Fire, Princess Iyanka! (Minor spoilers ahead!) Iyanka was a fascinating character to write, partially because of her ice powers, but also just because of the way she thinks and goes about life. It was a challenge and a ton of fun to get inside her head with her mix of flaws and strengths. When it comes down to it, Iyanka isn’t what we typically picture as a strong heroine. Iyanka is not courageous. When Eisadel was attacked she ran away, traveling for weeks to escape the danger rather than help her people and riskRead More →

Frosted Fire is published!!! *excited screaming in the background* Click here to see Frosted Fire on Amazon It might take a few days for Amazon to link up the kindle version with the paperback, so you kindle readers may have to search manually, but both versions are up on Amazon and available for purchase! I can’t wait for you guys to read this book! Frosted Fire is my longest book so far, and it’s the first book in a series that I am super passionate about. I’m thrilled that I finally get to share this first story with you all! (It’s also taking a lotRead More →

Hello hello!!! I’m back from camp, which I am sad and happy about at the same time. I’m sad because camp is over and now I have to wait another year before I can work there again, but I’m happy because it means I can share everything I’ve learned with others. Being back from camp also leaves me with a paradox because physically I’m exhausted (I may or may not be taking two naps a day to recover) but spiritually I’m rejuvenated and ready to keep running the race! And part of that race is writing more books! On to the main subject of thisRead More →

Happy news about Frosted Fire: the rough draft and the first round of editing is finished!!! I still don’t have an absolute date for release, but I’m hoping to publish it in mid to late July. Now a life update: I’m going to be MIA for the next few weeks while I’m working at a local Bible camp. Do not fear, though, my editor will still be making progress on Frosted Fire! By the time I get back from camp I’ll be ready to reveal the cover (which is so awesome and I can’t wait to share it with you guys) and I’ll have time toRead More →

Welp. Summer is here. I’m already missing the cold wind I was griping about a few months ago. 😉 I get impatient for spring time, but when the 100 degree days come I dearly miss the snow. But at least there are cold creeks and swimming! And lots of books to read in the air conditioned house! No matter the weather, there are always excuses to curl up and read a book… I’m nearly finished with Frosted Fire, but I’m not there quite yet. I would be done and on to editing by now, but the story keeps getting longer! There’s so much more thatRead More →