Hello hello, and happy 2021! I finally finished my Christmas present to you all! Now it’s more of a Christmas/congratulations-you-made-it-through-2020 present. Click here to see it on Amazon (or see the link at the bottom of the post). I tried to make it free, but for some reason Amazon wouldn’t let me price it lower than 99 cents. For now I haven’t enrolled it in Kindle Select (so it’s not on Kindle Unlimited) so that I can share it for free here later on if I want to, but that is something I’m open to changing. Let me know if you’d prefer one or theRead More →

Hello hello! Another couple of as-normal-as-you-can-get-during-a-pandemic weeks have passed, and not too much has changed. I’m still writing a lot, but I’m also working on an online literature class, so that does cut into my writing time somewhat. Still, I should break 50,000 words by the end of the week, if not today. To celebrate progress, and because I don’t have much I can think to say today (it’s too hot for deep thought…why in the world does that rhyme?!?! *sigh* English), I’m giving you guys another excerpt from Agonizomai Series book 3! (It has a title, but I’m not sure if it’s the realRead More →

Hello hello! In my last post I promised some information on the book I’m writing now that Born in Darkness is out, and now I’m here to follow through! Before I tell you what it is, though, a bit of a funny story… I have started four books since finishing Born in Darkness. Yes, four. Only two have more than a few disjointed scenes. I think I’ve figured out which one is my main project for the next few months, but…yeah. It’s been interesting. All of that aside, what’s my next book? Book 3 of the Agonizomai series! This book will jump back to theRead More →

It’s here!!! Born in Darkness is available on Amazon! (the Kindle version…the paperback will follow in a few days). Click here to see it on Amazon. I’m so excited, you guys. This book…this book has such a special place in my heart! I hope you all will be as enthralled with Henry’s story as I am. 😉 I have a lot I can say about this wonderful book, but I should let you guys read it for yourselves first so I don’t spoil stuff… So go buy it! I’ll be here, sitting and wriggling with excitement like a puppy until I can talk about HenryRead More →

Hello hello everybody! As promised, today I’m revealing Born in Darkness’s cover! Many thanks to my amazing cover designer (my Mom)!!! I painted the picture, but my Mom’s the one who made it cover-worthy and did all the formatting (that stuff confuses me deeply, so I’m very grateful for my Mom’s work!) And drum roll…. Ta-da! What do you guys think? That’s all for now, but don’t forget that Frosted Fire is discounted starting tomorrow! And keep your eyes out for a description reveal… 😉Read More →

Hey! So, once again I missed my normal post time, but this time I have a semi-respectable reason! The weekend I meant to post an update I was home for Thanksgiving Break (which was wonderful!). That alone means more distractions, but this time I faced the slight problem of a power outage. And then our internet was out. Ahem. Like I said, semi-respectable. I have news to make up for it, though… over break I finished the rough draft of Born in Darkness!!! It clocked in at over 92,000 words, my longest book yet, and I’m already working on adding more scenes to flesh outRead More →

Only two weeks and two more papers between me and freedom! (“freedom” I have homework I have to do over break, but I’m choosing to ignore that at the moment.) Thanksgiving is so close I can…almost…touch it… And then I can be home with my family and my kitty cats! Oh man I’m excited. But my upcoming break from school isn’t the only light at the end of the tunnel…I’m also getting excitingly (that’s a word, right?) close to finishing the rough draft of Henry’s book! For those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw that I broke 80,000 words on Friday!Read More →

Hello hello! So finals are coming up… but I only have two more papers this semester and then no more academic writing for the summer! I’m so excited to be free to write my books, and I can’t wait to see how much progress I make. I’m seriously pumped for summer. And I need it too… boy do I ever need it. Anyway, I bet you’re wondering about the title of this post. Well, for those of you who’ve read Frosted Fire, you know Henry is a gardener, which means he can control plants. We get a glimpse of what he can do in FrostedRead More →

Hello hello! I hope you all are having a wonderful spring! It snowed again, but rather than make you read another rant against winter, I decided to share a painting I finished a couple weeks ago that pretty much sums up my attitude about the situation (it’s the background of this post image). On the bright side, the flowers are out, the grass is green, and the birds are still singing! Writing is going well. Since Spring Break I’ve stumbled into a routine that allows me to write more often and still finish my homework (Or maybe my desperation and excitement to write is givingRead More →

For those of you who’ve read Frosted Fire, you probably noticed the author’s note at the back explaining the name of the series. Today I’m going to explain and expand on why I chose this name. So…Agonizomai. Pretty long, and pretty hard to pronounce. Why did I make it the series name? Contrary to what you might think, it wasn’t to give you another impossible-to-pronounce name (Agonizomai is pronounced something like ag-o-ni-zo-my, by the way.) No…I choose Agonizomai because of its meaning. Agonizomai is a Greek word meaning to contend with an adversary, or to strive earnestly, and it’s used in the Bible with theRead More →