Hello hello! Welp. I just realized I missed my usual every-other-week schedule for posting. Sorry about that… all I can say is that end-of-semester brain is a thing. Seriously, I can hardly carry on an intelligent conversation. I’ll be talking with someone, and then my brain decides “we don’t need to understand this” and I’m left standing there with no idea what the person just said. But I can explain to you all of the events following the assassination of Julius Caesar! And recite Greek paradigms! And a bunch of other wonderful things that I’ve been memorizing for finals that are super fascinating but but why can’tRead More →

Alright, full confession: yesterday I was focused on spending time with family and didn’t get around to writing a blog post. But I’m going to use my forgetfulness to my advantage… I love Thanksgiving. I love that we have a day dedicated to giving thanks for our lives and what we have. I love that I get a break from school so I can come home. And, I’ll freely admit it, I like the food. There are a lot of my favorite foods that I only get a chance to eat at Thanksgiving (mainly cranberry sauce and mincemeat pie). Most of all, I love whatRead More →

Hello hello! I hope everybody is enjoying their fall! Are you excited for Thanksgiving? I know I am. Not only does it mean a (much needed) break from school, it also means I get to see my family, friends, and kitties, and my dog and my birds…mustn’t forget the birds! The Romans thought chickens were sacred, you know…there was one general in Rome who went into a battle, lost pretty much the entire Roman navy, killed a whole bunch of soldiers, and what is he tried for when he gets back? Throwing the sacred chickens overboard. No joke. He was exiled because he threw theRead More →

The last two weeks have been hard. It’s that time of the semester where everyone is in need of a good nap, students and Professors alike. When due dates for big projects are approaching, too quickly for the comfort of many, and it seems like there’s no time to slow down. There’s always more homework to do, another assignment to work on, another event you promised to help with or go to. Keep pushing, keep working: sleep a little, drink too much coffee… Take a break to go to an event that brings joy, but also drains you of what little energy you had left.Read More →

There’s something so intoxicating about a story in my head. A new story, with new characters taking on lives of their own within my thoughts. For days, sometimes weeks, it’s all I think about in quiet moments. It’s such a sweet and wondrous feeling to imagine the people and all that happens, to feel what they feel and be able to picture it perfectly in my head. It’s such a special privilege to see how they grow and change, to be with them in moments of strength and brokenness, triumph and tragedy. For some stories, that’s only the first step, and what comes after isRead More →

I’m in a very good mood today. My roommate and I were getting stir crazy on campus and decided to go on an adventure that would also allow us to get homework done. As a result, I’m writing this post from the Denver Cat Company, an awesome coffee shop where cats reign! (As if they don’t rule the rest of the world too… 😉 ) This is the first day in over a month that I’ve pet a cat, and I am so happy that this place exists! Fifteen cats, coffee, and writing…hard to think of a better day. Of course, I’ve accomplished very littleRead More →

I’ve already written about what my favorite time of year is at home and why, but it might surprise you to know that my overall favorite time of year is something different. Despite my love of storm clouds, wild flowers, and blackberry picking, summer isn’t my favorite season. Despite my fascination with snowflakes and frost, winter isn’t either. And contrary to my yearning for spring and all things green, springtime doesn’t make the top of the list. My favorite season is fall, autumn…that time of wondrous transition that is always too brief. When fall approaches, my eyes are drawn to colors I normally dismiss: gold, orange,Read More →

Hello hello! I was thinking of what to write this week, and I realized I haven’t talked about what’s going on with current projects for a while. So…here we go! Update on the wondrous, fabulous, adventurous life of….are you laughing yet? No? Okay. *clears throat* I’m back in Colorado about to begin my…fourth week of Sophomore year. Goodness, I hadn’t realized I’ve been back that long. Anyway, I’m getting in the hang of my new classes and my homework load. I’m taking some really awesome classes this year that I can’t wait to apply to my writing. Ancient Mediterranean World, for one. Man the GreeksRead More →

For those of you who’ve read Frosted Fire, you probably noticed the author’s note at the back explaining the name of the series. Today I’m going to explain and expand on why I chose this name. So…Agonizomai. Pretty long, and pretty hard to pronounce. Why did I make it the series name? Contrary to what you might think, it wasn’t to give you another impossible-to-pronounce name (Agonizomai is pronounced something like ag-o-ni-zo-my, by the way.) No…I choose Agonizomai because of its meaning. Agonizomai is a Greek word meaning to contend with an adversary, or to strive earnestly, and it’s used in the Bible with theRead More →

Today we’re going to talk about the main character of Frosted Fire, Princess Iyanka! (Minor spoilers ahead!) Iyanka was a fascinating character to write, partially because of her ice powers, but also just because of the way she thinks and goes about life. It was a challenge and a ton of fun to get inside her head with her mix of flaws and strengths. When it comes down to it, Iyanka isn’t what we typically picture as a strong heroine. Iyanka is not courageous. When Eisadel was attacked she ran away, traveling for weeks to escape the danger rather than help her people and riskRead More →