Hello hello! Another couple of as-normal-as-you-can-get-during-a-pandemic weeks have passed, and not too much has changed. I’m still writing a lot, but I’m also working on an online literature class, so that does cut into my writing time somewhat. Still, I should break 50,000 words by the end of the week, if not today. To celebrate progress, and because I don’t have much I can think to say today (it’s too hot for deep thought…why in the world does that rhyme?!?! *sigh* English), I’m giving you guys another excerpt from Agonizomai Series book 3! (It has a title, but I’m not sure if it’s the realRead More →

Hello hello! I hope everyone’s summer is going well! This is such a weird year, and for many a very difficult year, but I hope you all have some piece of joy during these strange times. For me, it’s writing. There’s so much I usually do in the summers that I can’t do this year, including work at the Bible Camp I usually spend four weeks at. It’s sad and I’m still mourning it, but the extra time does allow me to focus more on writing my next book. Speaking of my next book, I have a writing update! Book three in the Agonzomai seriesRead More →

Hello hello! You guys have probably noticed that I like plants, what with Henry’s powers and my springtime obsession with The Secret Garden. There’s something about growing things that excites my imagination. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up in Southwestern New Mexico, where the color green isn’t something you take for granted. But when green does come…oh, it’s beautiful. When the rains finally come in the summer, the hills can change from the dull dead-grass color they are the majority of the year to a beautiful bright green of new grass in days. Even in the dry times of the year, there’s something so awe-inspiringRead More →

Hello hello! In my last post I promised some information on the book I’m writing now that Born in Darkness is out, and now I’m here to follow through! Before I tell you what it is, though, a bit of a funny story… I have started four books since finishing Born in Darkness. Yes, four. Only two have more than a few disjointed scenes. I think I’ve figured out which one is my main project for the next few months, but…yeah. It’s been interesting. All of that aside, what’s my next book? Book 3 of the Agonizomai series! This book will jump back to theRead More →

Hello hello! I have two pieces of good news! First, Born in Darkness is available in paperback now! Click here to see it on Amazon. Whew! That took longer than it should’ve, but life got a little crazy (well…a little more crazy). And that brings me to my next piece of good news! I’m finished with another year of college! It was a little touch and go for a while on whether or not I’d make it through with my GPA (not to mention my sanity) intact, but there were no notable fatalities, so I’m calling it a victory. (Video conference discussion classes are notRead More →

Happy Resurrection Sunday! …but in some ways it doesn’t feel very happy, does it? This year there’s no Sunrise service, singing praise to our Savior as the first rays of light break over the mountain-tops. There’s no gathering of hundreds of believers declaring in one voice that our Savior is risen. There’s no Easter lunches, talking and laughing together, adults watching children’s unbridled joy with quiet smiles. Instead there are overflowing hospitals, stay at home orders, and so much fear… This isn’t what we hoped for. This isn’t what we planned. We do what we can…drive-in Easter services, Zoom meetings with family, celebrating in ourRead More →

It’s here!!! Born in Darkness is available on Amazon! (the Kindle version…the paperback will follow in a few days). Click here to see it on Amazon. I’m so excited, you guys. This book…this book has such a special place in my heart! I hope you all will be as enthralled with Henry’s story as I am. πŸ˜‰ I have a lot I can say about this wonderful book, but I should let you guys read it for yourselves first so I don’t spoil stuff… So go buy it! I’ll be here, sitting and wriggling with excitement like a puppy until I can talk about HenryRead More →

Hello hello everybody! As promised, today I’m revealing Born in Darkness’s cover! Many thanks to my amazing cover designer (my Mom)!!! I painted the picture, but my Mom’s the one who made it cover-worthy and did all the formatting (that stuff confuses me deeply, so I’m very grateful for my Mom’s work!) And drum roll…. Ta-da! What do you guys think? That’s all for now, but don’t forget that Frosted Fire is discounted starting tomorrow! And keep your eyes out for a description reveal… πŸ˜‰Read More →

Hello hello! Once again it’s been too long since my last post… and now I’ll explain the reason for that! Last Thursday my university notified us that we’re going online for the rest of the semester because of the Coronavirus, and that we all needed to be moved out of our apartments by Spring Break. So I spent that weekend furiously packing, looking for storage, and figuring out how in the world I’m going to write an exegetical and two research papers without access to my university’s library. I even had to skip my Friday morning writing. πŸ™ But! I’m home now, and thankfully IRead More →

Hello hello! It’s been a while since I posted one of my random musings, and I ran across one that I’ve never shared before. But before I get to that…be watching for some exciting news about Born in Darkness! Like, oh I don’t know, maybe a cover??? πŸ˜‰ I don’t have an exact release date yet, but (Lord willing) the release will be mid-April at the latest. It’s getting to close!!! And now, for my musing… What is the sense you can’t imagine losing? Which one would break you with its absence? We always think of what it would be like to be blind orRead More →