Hello hello! So, I’ve got some updates on several matters. First, as of Wednesday I will have finished my last midterm (oh for the day I can say that about finals!), and I’ve registered for my graduation ceremony. It’s starting to get real, guys! However, in between midterms and my final final (ha, I crack myself up), are a LOT of involved school assignments. And senoritis is starting to hit (mostly in the form of reading way too many novels considering the amount of schoolwork I have to get done), making it even more important to guard my concentration… Partly because of this, I’m pushingRead More →

Hello hello! So I have a thing I wrote (I’m not entirely sure what to call it…I think it qualifies as a drabble, if you’ve ever heard of that?). It’s a little monologue-type thing that I wrote last spring, when I’d finished Born in Darkness and was trying to start my next book. I wanted to express how it felt with all the stories swimming in my head and none of them settling in, through the metaphor/daydream of my archive. I’m sharing it with you now because…well, partly as a bribe for patience in the next few months. My last semester of college has decidedRead More →

Hello hello, and happy 2021! I finally finished my Christmas present to you all! Now it’s more of a Christmas/congratulations-you-made-it-through-2020 present. Click here to see it on Amazon (or see the link at the bottom of the post). I tried to make it free, but for some reason Amazon wouldn’t let me price it lower than 99 cents. For now I haven’t enrolled it in Kindle Select (so it’s not on Kindle Unlimited) so that I can share it for free here later on if I want to, but that is something I’m open to changing. Let me know if you’d prefer one or theRead More →

Hello hello! Another semester behind me! I finished my finals last Wednesday, which also happened to be my birthday (yay!). I’m still recovering a bit from finals-brain (my head rebels and doesn’t want to take part in any sort of complex thought…a bit of a payback for stuffing it so full of information for exams, I think), but I’m working on catching up on all of my writing things. So now for a bit of an update! The last three weeks of school were so crazy that I didn’t have much time to breathe, let alone write and edit. As a result, Broken Healer isRead More →

Hello hello! I’m home for Thanksgiving! This year more than ever I am so thankful for this time at home with my family, even if this break feels a bit like an extended homework session. Ah yes, homework. I’ve got a 20 page research paper in the works (due in about two weeks…I’m trying not to think about that too closely), so I haven’t been doing much writing or editing lately. Broken Healer’s release date may have to be pushed to January, but that’s not a sure thing. I’m hoping to go through another round of edits during break as well, but it does dependRead More →

Hello hello! Have any of you ever pondered individuality? The uniqueness of every human? Maybe it’s just one more piece of evidence that I’m a weirdo (the writing’s been on the wall for years, anyway. Good thing I’m okay with it! 😉 ), but every once in a while the complexity of the people around me strikes me anew. Recently it’s been my Historiography class that’s gotten me thinking about it. The two realities of all that people have in common and the uniqueness of the individual make for fascinating class discussions, and give lots of fodder for thoughts to keep you up at night.Read More →

Hello hello! Once again, I’ve gone MIA without fully intending to. I blame homework. But yesterday I turned my exegetical in, and now I have a little breathing room! Although now it’s midterm season, so I should probably be careful how much breathing room I take… no matter. Today I’m celebrating freedom! And ignoring the limits to that freedom. 😉 I have a new addition to my website for you all! I finally added a page listing the books I’m working on with (very general, subject to change) release estimates. Right now I have my projects put down through next year, though I may addRead More →

Hello hello! This has been a pretty productive few weeks (if a little crazy). I think I’ve found a rhythm with school, though as always looking at my calendar for the semester gives me a bit of a shock. But my classes are in seat, my living situation this year is great (there’s a kitty!), and I love the subjects I’m studying. It helps that this is my last year, which is simultaneously super exciting and terrifying. Last weekend I got to go camping with my Mom! The place we went was beautiful, and I had a ton of fun. (It’s also why you’re gettingRead More →

Hello hello! Everybody. I have accomplished the almost impossible. I have actually met (and slightly exceeded) an estimation/goal. Today I finished the rough draft of Agonizomai Series book 3! The rough draft is a bit shorter than my last couple of books…about 76k words (the rough draft of Born in Darkness was somewhere around 90k), but there’s a big section of this book that needs some major tweaking and expansion, so it’s very likely that this book will grow significantly in the next draft. A particularly exciting bit about this particular book is that this is the fastest I’ve ever written a rough draft ofRead More →

Hello hello! Good news! I’ve made it to the climax of the next Agonizomai book! Kinda sad news, I’m moving back to Colorado for school this weekend and can’t just sit down and write until I’m finished (which is what I want to do). Instead I have to pack, and do laundry, and drive. *Sigh* But I’m close enough to the end that I might actually meet my hesitant goal and finish the rough draft before I start classes again! I think I’ve mentioned before that this is my senior year of college. Exciting! And a bit nerve wracking. I’m still not sure how muchRead More →