Greetings visitor! Welcome to my “About Me” page! I suppose if we’re sticking with the rooms analogy that would make this my…study? Yeah, that sounds suitably mature, and it has the added possibility for mystery.

So welcome to my study! …Now I need to talk about myself, don’t I? Are you sure you don’t want to hear more about my characters and cats?

*A voice in the distance shouts that that’s not what this page is for*

Alright, fine. But I’m still going to talk about my cats! *The voice sighs. I ignore it*

My name is Maegan M Simpson, but you already know that part. You can call me Meggie, if you want. Now, let’s see…pertinent information… I’m a homeschool graduate, and a graduate of Colorado Christian University, where I double majored in Biblical Studies and History.

*”Nerd!” the voice shouts. I pretend not to notice.*

I love learning, and it’s my conviction that any class can contribute to my writing. Well, except math. That’s useful in other ways, I suppose, but I don’t use it much in my writing. Nasty stuff.

*The voice starts to shout something, but I throw a notebook across the room, causing a muffled exclamation and a slamming door*

Much better. Where were we? Oh yes, learning.

Beyond being a major nerd at college (I was even the President of Philosophy Club, so I can’t really escape the nerd title), I also deeply enjoy reading. Like, seriously. It borders on obsession at times. I’m also very much a fangirl, and may or may not be found at various times discussing strange pieces of Middle Earth lore, the philosophies of Star Wars, and just generally gushing about various books with my friends (including my Mom and my not-really-little-anymore brother). I won’t list all of the books I love here…I think that would tire even fellow bookworms. However, if you ever want book recommendations, I would love to tell you about some of my favorite authors. Please reach out!

Let’s see…school, books… Can I talk about cats yet?


Yes? Excellent! Now, warning, I have a lot of cats. I won’t mention them all here (as with the books, I believe that would bore even cat lovers), but here’s a picture of two of them!

The black kitty is Lily. I’ve had her since I was four, and she’s my sweet kitty momma. The other kitty is Sansa, my young ornery boy. He’s mostly blind, but also the bravest cat I have ever seen. The trouble he gets into… the archive brownie would have fits if Sansa ever got in here.



My family also has two lovely dogs, Rocky and Sophie (Sophie is the black one). And I raise chickens and various other strange birds (if you’ve never heard of guinea fowl, go now and look them up. They are hilarious creatures!)


I also need to give some pictures of places I love and plants I haven’t killed.

*A muffled “yet” filters through the closed door.*


This is Shelob and Spawn of Ungoliant, the spider plants. Lord of the Rings fans will recognize the great depths of geekdom indicated by these names (I accept the title and wear it proudly!). I also have a few vines and such outside, which are a bit more difficult to keep alive given my home in the southwest.


*”As if that’s your problem!” the voices shouts. “You’d struggle to keep corn alive in Ohio!” I stand, smiling sweetly, and flick the lock on the door. The muttering stops, then in a shocked tone, “Did you just lock me out?”*

That’s what you get for being nasty. Now, where were we?

Ah yes! Home! That’s a place I haven’t talked about yet. I live in Southwestern New Mexico. Think of the most remote place you’ve ever seen people live, and drive even further out into the woods. Unless you’re familiar with my section of the southwest (or come from a similarly rural area of the world), you probably haven’t reached my house yet.

My home is in a mountain valley in the Mogollons, off a US highway that sometimes doesn’t see a car for hours at a time and 60 miles from the nearest grocery store. And I love it. I love the glorious, familiar mountains rising from the hills all around me, the river marked by a trail of cottonwoods, the silence, the deep canyons in the mountains holding more life that you’d ever guess could come from this dry section of earth…all of it. (Most of it. The stickers I could do without).

Most importantly, I am a devout Christian. I only write because God has given me the talent for stories, and supplied the bravery and strength to share them. He has made me all that I am, has given me all that I have, and it is my prayer that every book I write glorifies Him. He guides my stories, He gives me the words. And trust me…my books are much better that way.

I think that’s about it. My life isn’t the most exciting, but it’s mine and I’m grateful for it. Now, where do you want to go next?

*The door slams open. “What do you mean by locking me out?” the voice shouts. “I have every right to be here! This is my…”*

Aaand that’s my que. Feel free to explore some more while I calm down the archive brownie.

*“I’ve told you to call me a brùnaidh! Insipid mortal.”*

As if I know how to pronounce that. Anyway, the contact page (mail room, I suppose?) is just down the hall. You are more than welcome to reach out with any questions, comments, and kitty pictures you want to share!