Good grief, it’s been two months since I posted last…well, time certainly seems to fly.

I have lovely news for you! One month from now, you’re getting a Legends of Emyr novella following Ronan, Corwin, and Helia as they return to the sea where Ronan grew up! You’ll get all the lovely ocean scenes you likely expected when you sat down with Salt and Stone, as well as family reunions and insight into the Sirens of Enwylda. I already have the cover!


Isn’t it lovely??? I’m so incredibly happy with all of it, but I especially love Ronan’s smile and how well they captured Helia!

Here’s the blurb:

They survived the battle in Tyrzen…but will they survive the dangers of the sea?

Ronan, Corwin, and Helia have spent the months since defeating Nikita traveling Tyrzen, preserving the fragile peace between humans and Emyr. But now they receive a call for help that Ronan isn’t sure she can answer: the sirens of Brughlír, the ancient sea palace, are under attack. And her father expects Ronan to save them.
Navigating a tangled web of reunions and expectations, Ronan isn’t sure returning to the sea was a good idea. Even if her siren cousins will forgive her for leaving, what they’re asking of her now threatens to turn Ronan back into the person she left behind all those years ago. She fled Brughlír to escape being the voice of death. But if she flees again the sirens might be destroyed.
Ronan is determined to protect her family. But who is her family, beyond Corwin and Helia? And what will she give up to keep them safe?

Memories of Sea and Sky is a companion novella to the Legends of Emyr series and is designed to read after Memories of Salt and Stone.


This lovely little book releases February 23rd, and it’s available for preorder now! Click here to see it on the ‘zon!

As for other news, I’m hard at work writing Damir’s story, Memories of Truth and Terror. The story is giving me a bit of trouble, which is very Damir like, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it! The leading lady is the type not to take any garbage off Damir (including backing off when he’s his cranky self, not admitting that he needs help). It’s soooo good for him! 

And I have other projects in the works, but they’re not quite ready to announce yet… 

In the meantime, I hope 2024 is going well for you so far! I can’t believe we’re almost to the end of January already. Stay warm, my friends!