Hello hello, my friends!

I have a bonus scene to share with you!

When my books hit review milestones, I like to release extra scenes as a thank you to everyone who’s reviewed. I’m woefully behind on them, but I’m hoping to catch up during October!

This weeks’s bonus story is for Memories of Salt and Stone to celebrate over 50 ratings (I’m combining Amazon and Goodreads). It’s a deleted scene from earlier in the book that I’ve been waiting to share with you, and you can download the PDF for free! And if you want more of our lovely trio from Salt and Stone, I’ll release another scene once we reach 100 ratings!

For those wanting more of Ember and Dyrerisan, never fear! Since I’m so incredibly behind, I’m writing a longer bonus chapter to celebrate over 200 Amazon ratings! I’m hoping to have it ready for you by my next blog post.

And this system for extra scenes applies to all my books! If I can get 50 ratings (counting from Goodreads and Amazon) then I’ll release a bonus scene for that book! If I’ve reached that threshold on any book and you don’t see me talking about it, please send me a message in case I missed it. I love any excuse to revisit my favorite characters, and I have a whole list of bonus scene ideas just waiting to be written.

In other news, I’m gearing up for a cover reveal for Memories of Blood and Bone on my Instagram. Be watching for fun teasers as we get closer to the release! (I’m in the depths of editing, and my friends…I love this book so much. It’s just…I love it).

I hope you’re having a lovely Autumn! Now go read!