Hello hello my friends!

This summer is passing by quickly, isn’t it? My biggest piece of news is that I have finished TWO book drafts in the past few weeks. The first is Viggo in Orlin (yes, I am rather behind, but it’s proving to be simple editing so we’re still looking good for that September 30th release!). The second is my monolith book, Memories of Blood and Bone! The rought draft is 162,000 words long, friends! I very much doubt that’s a record I’ll be breaking any time soon. 

I haven’t delved into editing Blood and Bone yet (I’m focusing on getting Viggo ready to send out to my ARC team), but I DID recieve the final files for the cover last week! It is GORGEOUS. It fits the vibe of the story so well, and I am very excited to show it to you all! I haven’t decided when the cover reveal will be yet, but probably soon. It’s so pretty I want to show it to you all! 

As for a personal update…there’s been a few changes in my family recently that have made it necessary for me to find a new rhythm (my parents both get up very early, and our house is very small, so…lots of naps 😉 .) But it’s going well! I’m happy with the progress I’m making writing. Now if only I could improve on the side of marketing and creating content for social media… (Reels are hard, friends).

As for hobbies, I’m currently working on an outfit using two thrifted dresses, some extra material, and the table loom my family has. If you’re on Instagram, I will definitely be posting pictures when I’m finished. It has a sea-washed vibe to it that I LOVE. 

And that’s all for now, friends! Perhaps my next post will come with a cover reveal….