Hello hello, friends!

I have two exciting pieces of news for you! The first is the cover reveal for the second Ashton Legacies book, Viggo in Orlin! Isn’t is stunning? I can’t decide what my favorite part is: the characters, the background, the swirling magic around the gateway… MoorDesign Books continues to awe me with their skills and attention to detail.

Some details about Viggo in Orlin: First, it’s going to be shorter than my other books, a novella rather than a full novel. So rather than a all-night binge it’s more a of a light evening read. Viggo’s story (at least this one, I might write more about him) isn’t quite as involved as Aderes’s. Second, the release is currently set for September 30th. I’m going to try to stick to that, but being away for a month has put me a bit behind. Lord willing, I won’t have to change anything.

I hope you enjoy this story, friends. Viggo’s voice is very distinct, and has been from the very first page I wrote. You also get to find out more about the Ashton family in this one, and maybe even pay a visit to their homestead! 😉 One interesting note is that this story takes place while Aderes is missing, and it includes a few glimpses into the effect her disappearance had on her family.

Anyway, here’s the preorder link. Keep a lookout on my social media for sneak peeks!



My second piece of news is that Memories of Salt and Stone is FREE August 1st through the 5th! This sale is a part of a Fantasy Romance promotion, so if you click the image below you can find TWENTY fantasy books $2.99 or lower for the rest of this week.

I still can’t believe Memories of Salt and Stone is a part of it. This promo includes some big names (Tara Grayce, Sylvia Mercedes, Sarah K. L. Wilson…), and it’s so sureal to see one of my books next to theirs. 

As far as content goes, Low Spice means that the romance is fade to black at most, although I know some are a lot lower level than that even. I haven’t read all the books on this list, but the ones I have are absolutely AMAZING. Even if you already own Memories of Salt and Stone, you should definitely check out this promo. 


That’s all my news for now. Go forth and explore all those books!