Hello hello!

Is it just me, or is this year passing far too quickly? I have so much news that this post is going to be a bit of a whirlwind, but here we go!

First, Heir Eternal is out in the world! You can now read the ENTIRE Agonizomai Series! Seven books and six years later, the journey I began with Frosted Fire has come to its conclusion. Whew! 

Now please don’t be sad…for those who love this world, it isn’t goodbye! I have plenty more stories to tell in Agon. There’s an entire spinoff series I have loosely planned, filling you in on the stories that you don’t get to see in the main series. In fact, I might have Illias and Bryndis’s story partially written already… It’s messy, and since I wrote it a few years ago it’ll need some in-depth editing, but all that to say that I’m not finished with Agon. Not by a long shot. I do intend to take a break from this world for a while, though. Not a long one…but at this point, I’m not planning on starting work on the companion series until next year at the earliest. 


Second, the Ashton Legacies has some exciting updates. Aderes in Karkhana has a new, professionally designed cover and it is AMAZING! MoorBooks Design continues to awe me…they captured Gaiseric and Aderes AND the world of Karkhana better than I could’ve hoped! This cover is already up on the Kindle version (though I don’t know when Amazon will update it for those who already bought the book), and the paperback is in the works. I ordered the proof today!

For those who liked the style of the first cover, I might eventually release a special edition hardback with a similar cover (symbol based, rather than having the characters on the front). Let me know if you’d be interested!

The second book, Viggo in Orlin, also has a beautiful cover than I am very excited to share with you. It also has a preorder link! Click here to see it on Amazon! The date for the release isn’t solid yet…I won’t know if I have to change it until after camp, when I take stock of how much I have left to write.

And that brings me to my other piece of news: Summer is upon us! And with it, my yearly absence. The Bible Camp I work at starts this Saturday, meaning you probably won’t hear from me again until late July.

However! This year, for those who want bookish content while I’m away, I have great news! I’ve scheduled episodes of Memories of Blood and Bone to release twice a week for the entire time I’ll be away! So far there’s 80k-90k worth of episodes available for you to devour (for reference, Frosted Fire is about 90k words long in its entirety. Yeah…Blood and Bone is going to be ridiculously long). This does come with the caveat that these episodes aren’t fully edited, so there will be some adjustments in the story before it’s released in Kindle form. That said, if you want this story before its release in late Fall, it’s there for you to explore! (Here’s the link) If you do read it, don’t forget to like the episodes and follow the story so Amazon will show it to more potential readers! Having a serialized story has definitely been a learning curve, and I appreciate all the help I can get!

I believe that’s everything… Life has been crazy, but I’m excited for all of it. I hope your summer is going well, my friends! And let me know your thoughts on all of this lovely news!