Hello hello!

I finally have a release date for Heir Eternal! Lord willing, you’ll have this massive book in your hands on June 2nd. There’s even a preorder up! Click here to see it on Amazon! And when I say it’s massive…I do mean MASSIVE. It’s 550 pages long! And I thought Memories of Salt and Stone was big… It’s also rather distinct in the story, focusing more on political conflict than the other Agonizomai Books. However, I also was able to include a lot more time for our cast of characters to spend time just being friends. Overall, I hope this book proves a fitting conclusion to this series. (And it’s not a full goodbye…I have future plans for other stories within Agon).

I have more Heir Eternal hype to work on, so I’ll leave for now. But below are the cover and description! Comment with what you’re most looking forward to in this book! 

A reluctant king.
A shy healer.
A kingdom consumed by darkness.

With the help of his friends and by the strength of the Creator, Henry survived his captivity and saved Waneroth from a devastating war. But while the people of Waneroth celebrate, Henry faces his most difficult challenge yet. How is he supposed to bring light to a kingdom full of people still clinging to shadows? Between the irate nobles, poisonous advisors, and persistent assassination attempts, even surviving the year seems too much to hope for. If only he could guarantee that his friends won’t fall with him.
Sioned feels utterly lost in this world of royalty and politics. She came with her friends to stand beside Henry, to ensure he survives whatever battle he must face as he takes Ecleath’s throne. She’ll gladly offer her life and strength if it means Henry and her new family survive the deadly threats that surround them, but she’s left unsure of where she belongs when there’s no healing to be done. Could she have a purpose at Henry’s side besides guarding his life?
For generations, Ecleath’s people have lived in hope of Henry’s return. But can Henry and his friends convince them that the truth is greater than the legends? Or will the reign of the Heir Eternal end before it truly begins?