Hello hello!

I hope your week is starting out alright, friends! It certainly feels like a Monday…I’ve already had two cups of coffee, and I’m tempted to make myself a third. In the meantime, I have tea and music to hopefully keep me upright and working. So while I sip my tea, let’s look at where I am with my various projects!

First up, Memories of Salt and Stone! I sent it off to my lovely beta readers last week, and so far I’m getting positive feedback! I also have the preorder up!  (Check it out HERE) The preorder is $0.99 cents, which will go up to $2.99 after release, so make sure to get it soon! The book launch is March 3rd, so we’re only two months away! Time is flying so fast. What happened to January?

Secondly, Heir Eternal. The rough draft is over 80k words long now (for reference, Frosted Fire is around 85k). So you’d think I’d be almost finished, right? Wrong! I still have twelve chapters to write. Twelve! So yeah, this book is going to be a long one. But I’m getting into the high stakes section of the book, which hopefully means I’ll be able to write it fairly quickly. I’m still set for a May release, though at this rate it might be late May. We’ll see!

Those are my two main projects for now! I have others I’m planning, but I’m trying really hard to keep my focus on Memories of Salt and Stone and Heir Eternal for now. All the pretty new projects have to wait!

And just a side note: isn’t Salt and Stone’s cover pretty???? *Sigh* I love it so much. I’m excited to make the inside all pretty too! 

Have a good week, friends! And if you have any questions (or encouragement) send them my way!