Hello hello, and Happy New Year!

I hope your entrance to 2023 was pleasant. I actually managed to stay up until midnight to ring in the new year this time…mostly thanks to reading an excellent book. (Which I still need to finish…) Now we’re hunkering down for a snow storm, which has already led to a power outage. Overall, 2023 has been fun so far, especially being with my family.

But before I discuss my plans for this year, here’s my review for last year…

Last year was a bit of a crazy one! As my first full year of writing full time, I entered 2022 with a lot of plans and prayers, and in many ways this year surpassed my hopes! I never would’ve expected to accomplish so much in twelve months, especially with the lovely but chaotic summer I had.

In 2022 I…

  • Rewrote and relaunched Frosted Fire and Born in Darkness, complete with new covers to match the rest of the series.
  • Released three Agonizomai Books, taking us nearly to the end of the series.
  • And rewrote and relaunched Stone Heart, featuring a professionally designed cover that is more beautiful than I ever could’ve imagined for one of my books.
  • Overall, this year I managed to write 415k words, amounting to roughly four novels (one is still in progress).  

Thanks to you, Stone Heart’s second edition has had the most successful book launch of my career to date! Relaunching Stone Heart was not something I’d planned to do in 2022, but I am so glad I did! It’s extremely encouraging to see you, dear readers, enjoying Ember’s story so much. Reading your sweet reviews and receiving your messages pushes me to keep going, so I can share more stories with you! 

With that in mind, here’s what I’m planning for 2023 (Lord willing, as always):

  • Release the last book of the Agonizomai Series, Heir Eternal, sometime around May. (It’s already half written)
  • Release the next Ashton Legacies book, Viggo, Champion of Orlin (which got pushed off in 2022 in favor of focusing on the Agonizomai Series and Stone Heart)
  • Launch the first book in a new series called Legends of Emyr. This has been my sneaky project, which I’ll be officially announcing in the next few days.
  • And as always, I’ll leave room for wherever the Lord takes me…who knows what new adventures await?

Stay warm, friends!