The title says it: Stone Heart is getting a second edition! This December, I’m fully relaunching Stone Heart. This means a new cover, new interior, new description…new everything! 

I’m doing this relaunch a little differently than the Agonizomai Books…the new version of Stone Heart is a true second edition, meaning it’ll have a new ISBN and be available seperately on Amazon. This does mean that if you’ve already bought Stone Heart, you’ll still have to purchase the new one…but I’m thinking through something special for those who own the first edition and want the second. 

In the meantime, I’m planning all sorts of fun hype to lead up to this new launch. I’m especially excited to reveal the new cover. It’s the first time I’ve commissioned a professional cover for one of my books and it is AMAZING. Absolutely stunning. I’m SO excited to see what you all think. 

But for now, keep a look out on my social media for sneak peeks of the new Stone Heart!

And for those who’ve read this little book and enjoy it…rest assured, the heart of the story remains the same. This second edition will simply be a little longer and a lot deeper.