Hello hello!

Oof. I’ve done it again and let a month go by… But the good news is, I haven’t been idle in that time!

Winds of Wrath launched on Kindle last Friday, and today I hit publish on the paperback! Click here to see it on Amazon! That marks my tenth book published for the world to see, just as I’m celebrating the seventh anniversary of becoming a published author.

And now that Winds of Wrath is released, I get to talk about a few Agonizomai Series things. (I don’t think there will be spoilers)

Winds of Wrath marks a major turning point in the series. Up to this point, the books have jumped all over the place with who they follow and when they take place. But Winds of Wrath is the last book in the main series that introduces a new Main Character. The final two books will be from the point of view of characters that we’ve heard from before, and the timeline stays chronological (Menacing Whispers and Winds of Wrath actually take place at roughly the same time, so we’ll pick up with both sets of characters in book 6 pretty soon after we last saw them).

What this also means is that if you haven’t read all of the books in the series, now is the time to do it. Starting with Winds of Wrath, the stories heavily rely on those that have come before. (For instance, if you haven’t read Born in Darkness, there are going to be some major spoilers for you in Winds of Wrath). The last two especially should be read in the context of the rest of the series. The final two books contain all that the series has been building toward since book one, and I am so¬†incredibly excited to be writing it! This is the heart of the series, the stories that I’ve been longing to write for years.


In other news, I’ve updated the Agonizomai timeline to include Winds of Wrath. And don’t forget to get the kindle version of Winds of Wrath soon, before the price goes up to $2.99!

More news is coming soon, but for now I’m going to get back to writing. Happy almost-Autumn, my friends! Happy reading!