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So, an update on life stuff… I made it back from Bible Camp a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been working on a combination of catching up on sleep and making progress on writing stuff.

My biggest news is that Winds of Wrath has a pre-order up! Click here to see it on Amazon! The release is set for September 9th, and I am so excited for you all to read it. The series is speeding up, and from this point on all that the series has been building is coming together. So now’s your chance to catch up on the series… You’ve met all the main players now, and from Winds of Wrath on is full of spoilers from the first four books.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working hard to bring the Agonizomai Series to a finish by early 2023. The sixth book, Shrouded Hope, is in the editing stage (that’s actually what I’m working on today), and soon I hope to start writing the final book. I still have a few more exciting adventures this summer, so I won’t give any more dates yet…but we’re getting close.

And while you wait, here’s an excerpt from Winds of Wrath to whet your appetite. 😉 This one brings in some old friends.

“Ivy found the Shacar training yesterday,” Zef said. “I think she had a few questions about it.”

Ivy’s glare quickly smoothed over as Iyanka turned to her. Zef turned his eyes to his food to hide his smirk.

“Victorin and I would be happy to answer any questions you have,” Iyanka said.

“Thank you,” Ivy said slowly. “Mainly I was wondering…how it works? Zef claimed that your elements are still your own?”

“As much as they ever were,” Iyanka said. “When the bond is complete, our elements are shared in that we have access to both, and we’re able to meld them within ourselves. But we’re still capable of using them separately, as well.”

Iyanka held up her hand, fingers glinting with frost, to demonstrate. Ivy’s eyes widened at the sight, and Zef wondered if she’d ever seen an ice wielder’s power in action. The way Henry talked about the gardeners made it sound like they hadn’t often interacted with other wielders.

Victorin slipped his hand into Iyanka’s, and white-blue flame flared to life where their skin touched. Ivy jumped at the sight.

“As Shacar,” Victorin said, “our elements want to work together. They’re stronger together, and more resilient against other forces, including sorcery. They retain their individual properties and powers, but when melded the opposing forces work as one rather than destroying each other.”