Hello hello!

Menacing Whispers is HERE! (Click here to see it on Amazon)

I’m so excited to share Caidi with you! She’s a lot more lighthearted than the last couple Agonizomai main characters… I think you’ll enjoy her.

I won’t talk about Menacing Whispers too much today because Spoilers, but I do have some fun bookish posts planned for the Agonizomai Series!  (Now that Frosted Fire and Born in Darkness have their polished insides and shiny outsides published, I’m hoping to return to more regular blog posts). And while you’re waiting for those bookish posts, I have some Menacing Whispers fun for you today! If you check out my For Readers section, I’ve added Menacing Whispers to the Book Soundtracks. And if you check out my Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been posting some fun quotes from the book.

I’ve also made something for you: a timeline for the Agonizomai Series. I know the way the books are organized is confusing, and I’m hoping having a reference will help with that. Feel free to download this timeline so you can have it whenever you’re reading. And rest assured: I’ll update it with each new book release (though the main Agonizomai books should be more chronological from here on out)

Also, if you haven’t bought Menacing Whispers yet, be sure to do so soon. After this first week, I’ll take the price up to $2.99. 

Aaaand, I think that’s it for now. Enjoy reading, my friends!