Hello hello, and welcome to the new year!

I hope you had a peaceful transition out of 2021. I spent mine with a good book and a power outage…though I’ll admit that I was asleep when midnight came around.

Now that we’re a little bit into the new year, I figured I’d give a little review of the past year and what I’m planning for the year ahead.

2021 was a big year. In personal matters, I graduated college, moved back home to my lovely New Mexico valley, and took my first international adventure. Professionally, as I ended my time as a student, I stepped forward in my career and committed to writing full time (And here a huge shoutout to my parents. I’m so blessed for all their support as I take this chance and build my career as an indie author). I’ve taken several actions to try and get my books more out there, including a website redesign, starting a newsletter, and learning how to be a proper Instagramer (all of which I’m still learning, but it’s fun). I published two books, launched a new series, and wrote over 200,000 words.  Looking back at this year we’ve just left, I’m grateful and excited for all that God brought to my life in 2021, and I’m very excited to see where He takes me in 2022.

With that, here are some of my hopes for 2022 (all subject to change, as the Lord wills):

  • I hope to publish books 4 and 5 of the Agonizomai series. Book 4, Menacing Whispers, is written and currently being edited, and I’m planning to release it sometime midspring. Book 5 is in the planning stage and I’ll hopefully have it ready for release sometime in the Fall.
  • I’m also planning on rereleasing Frosted Fire and Born in Darkness. They have some shiny new covers, and while I take the paperbacks down to switch to the new covers I decided to give some work to the inside too. The stories aren’t going to change, but I’m updating the style a bit and getting rid of some typos that sneaked in there. This is also a spring project, so my first few months of 2022 are going to be busy. 😉
  • I’m also hoping to release the next Ashton Legacies book, but I’ll wait to give you more information until I know more about how it’ll fit in. (It’s Viggo’s story, Aderes mentions him a few times. He’s a lot of fun, and I’m excited to share him with you!)
  • I’m also going to continue  with the marketing and other career matters I began in 2021, hopefully expanding my reach and giving you all some more fun. 
  • And there will be probably be other, exciting, crazy surprises that I’m doing my best to leave room for.

 So there it is. It doesn’t look like so much, written out here in neat little bullet points, but that’s deceptive. 😉 Along with these goals, I have a subtle not-a-true-goal of breaking 300,000 words written, which with these projects is a definite possibility. We’ll see how it all shifts and expands as this year takes shape.

That’s all for now! I pray you all have a blessed first week of 2022!