Hello hello!

Aderes in Karkhana is officially out in the world! Click here to see it on Amazon! For now it’s still $.99, so be sure to grab it before the price goes up! I’m still working on the paperback, but I’m hoping to have it available by Christmas (or before the New Year at the latest).

Thank you to everyone who joined me December 10 for my launch party! If you weren’t able to come, you can still check it out, and watch the video of my live. I gave a lot of announcements, but I’ll try to summarize them here for you.

  • First, if you look up at the menu you’ll see a new addition: the For Readers section currently features four pages, all of which I’ll be adding to as I go. I finally put together a list of all the free stories I’ve shared on here, and compiled book playlists for you.
  • I’ve also started a RedBubble shop, which you’ll find in that section. If you explore you’ll find designs based on Aderes in Karkhana and the Agonizomai series. I only have a few designs so far, but I’ll be adding to them as I paint and draw. Maybe looking around will give you Christmas present ideas… 😛
  • Finally, in “Maps and Lore” you’ll find links to a site called WorldAnvil. This site is designed to help with worldbuilding, and provides a platform to organize and share things like notes and maps. I’m using it to help me keep track of locations in Agon, members of the Ashton family, and things like that. I only have a few things set to public so far, but there’s still plenty for you to explore (including interactive maps of the land of Agon!). Soon I’ll hopefully have a timeline for Agon up, as well, to help us all keep track of all the characters and plot threads. The articles, especially in the Ashton Legacies Cosmos, do have spoilers…so read at your own risk!

 That’s all the major announcements that I have for now. I hope you enjoy these resources! Soon I’ll share another post on the Ashton Legacies: a little info on what it’ll look like, and where it’s going from here.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful end to 2021!