Hello hello!

One week until the first book of the Ashton Legacies makes its debut!

This time, I’m trying something a little different (mostly, I’m trying to actually launch this book, rather than merely releasing it). To that end, I’m throwing a party! Sadly, it’s not at a lavish bookstore with coffee and plush armchairs… However, it will have goodies and giveaways! I’m hosting this launch party on Facebook (you can sign up here) on December 10th. I’ll be posting quotes, extras, and other fun nonsense through most of the afternoon, but it culminates in a live at 7pm mountain time. During this live I’ll answer questions, talk about the Ashton Legacies, and give you all a more comprehensive update on what I’ve been up to.

But why come to this launch party, you ask? After all, if there’s no coffee to be had…

Point taken, dear friend! This is a bring-your-own-hot beverage event (a necessity, given the format), but there will be other reasons to come! I have several fun surprises and announcements up my sleeve 😉 .  And there’s a giveaway! I have some swag for Aderes in Karkhana that I’ll be bestowing during the live. To have a chance to enter this giveaway, head over to my Facebook or Instagram: comment on the giveaway post, tag a friend, and you’re entered! 

Here’s a picture of the goodies: a signed bookplate, plus a sticker and a print containing original artwork for Aderes in Karkhana. (Tea not included.) You don’t have to be present to win, but I hope you join us anyway!


And that’s pretty much all the news… I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And I’ll talk to you soon!