stageHello hello!

This summer has gone by far too quickly…I can’t believe it’s already August! But it is wonderful to still be home, writing all day, rather than packing up to move back to school. I feel so free! (Sort of…work is a chain of a different kind, of course).

But I’ve been busy! Aderes, book 1 in the Ashton Legacies, is in the editing stage. I’m currently adding a whole bunch of scenes to flesh everything out, and it’s still looking good for an October release. And I’m about a third through the rough draft of the next Agonizomai book, Menacing Whispers. Lovely, lovely progress!

In other news, I’m starting up a Newsletter, the Archive Quarterly! As the name implies, I’ll be sending it out roughly once every three months, with an extra every once in  a while to tell you about my new releases. I’m hoping to make it fun, with book recommendations, community exclusives, and maybe even some sneak peeks  ;). But the best part is *drumroll*…you get a free story for signing up! 

The story is a standalone that I will hopefully expand into a book someday. But for now, my schedule is filled with the Agonizomai Series and Ashton Legacies, so that’ll be several years from now at least. In the meantime, I’m excited to share it with you! It’s a story that came from some interesting thoughts I had driving to Denver for school last summer: in all these stories with the fated chosen one plucked from the masses…what happens to the people they leave behind? Surely they have family, friends, people who are sad to see them go, even if it means saving the country or whatever. So what happens to them? Do they celebrate their chosen one’s fame? Do they mourn their absence? Do they wait for them to come back? And from these questions emerged Kadri’s story, a stuttering village girl who’s loyalty to her chosen one never wavers. 

 If you’re interested, and you want updates and extras directly in your inbox, the signup for my newsletter is at the bottom of this page. And directly below is the blurb for Share Your Sorrows, to whet your appetite a bit…



A man is chosen as the champion of his kingdom, but what happens to the loved ones he leaves behind? And what becomes of the chosen when the glory fades, but the blood keeps flowing?

Kadri misses Gavin more than she can say, and the knowledge that he’s important, too important to bother with stuttering village girls, doesn’t lessen the ache. But though he finally returns, the pain remains. Acting as champion has taken its toll, and the gratitude and awe of the people have faded along with the praise and fame. Kadri doesn’t care: she knows who Gavin is. But can she convince Gavin that he isn’t the monster they claim?