Hello hello!

Now that Broken Healer has been out in the wide world for a few days, I can talk about some things in the book. Don’t worry, there won’t be any big spoilers…I’ll give you more time to read it before I pull out my stuff on that

So Broken Healer takes place four years after the end of Frosted Fire, and it marks the beginning of the more consistent timeline in the series. After this, the main books will be happening back to back, with some minor overlap. We’ll also be meeting more characters from the previous books in the rest of the series  (was Broken Healer all new characters? Did you run into any old friends? Mwahaha…that’s a post all in of itself).

Broken Healer also introduces you all to another continent in the land of Agon: Cron. While you’ve seen Elnar and Waneroth, until this book Cron had only been mentioned in passing. Cron is actually the largest continent in Agon, and it’s west of Waneroth and Elnar. I have a map of Agon that shows how all these places are related to each other, which I’m hoping to refine and post for you at some point in the next few months…because of that I’ll refrain from my confusing explanations. 😉

Alright, so I know I said no spoilers…but this isn’t a big one. If you’ve read the prologue to Broken Healer, you’ve seen that Sioned is telling Henry her story. Well, I’ll announce now that yes, you are going to get more Henry books! At least two from his perspective, when he’s older. The threats Henry faced in Born in Darkness have lasted as long as him, and their work in Frosted Fire was just the beginning…

But before we get back to Henry, you’ll meet a character I’ve known almost as long as Sioned, and that is Caidi. Her story, Menacing Whispers, picks up where Broken Healer ends, and it is so much fun. Caidi is more lighthearted than Sioned and Henry, so her story is probably going to have a lighter tone as well. (But don’t worry…Sioned and Henry will learn to laugh. It just takes them a while)

I haven’t delved into her story yet, as right now I’m writing the climax for the first book in the Ashton Legacies. No spoilers on that series yet…I’ll let Broken Healer have its spotlight first. But so far it’s looking good for releasing book 1 of the Ashton Legacies this fall, and hopefully Agonizomai Book 4 in the Spring.

Alright, that was a lot of kinda random stuff. Overall, exciting stuff is happening! And I hope you’re enjoying Broken Healer!