Hello hello!

Today I have most excellent news! Broken Healer is officially up for preorder!!! And the pre-order also means that I have the cover!!! 


Agonizomai Series Book 3: Broken Healer

The aerhme trained Sioned as a healer. The night people turned her into a weapon. And the shadows tainting her blood promise to shape her into a nightmare.

All Sioned has ever wanted was to heal, but lately all she’s done is destroy. Now, Sioned faces a choice: give in and become the weapon the night people forced her to be, or hope the rumored dragon of the wastes is more merciful than the legends claim.

She knows escape won’t be so simple, though. The night people’s reach extends beyond the steppes, and soon nowhere will be far enough to hide. What little hope she has depends on a misfit band standing against the night people. If she stands with them, if she can preserve their lives so they can keep fighting, perhaps they can show her a way out of the shadows.

But maybe the voices in the shadows are right. Maybe she’s fallen too far for redemption. After all, in a world filled with legends and dragons…what use is a broken healer?

What do you think? I’m going for a new style with the covers for the Agonizomai series. At some point (hopefully soon) Frosted Fire and Born in Darkness are getting new covers too! I’m very excited to share them with you all! 

In the meantime, though, click below to check out Broken Healer on Amazon! And don’t forget to preorder!