Hello hello!

I have magnificent news:

Me all fancy in my cap and gown 😉

I am officially a college graduate! That’s right, the day I’ve been praying for and talking about for years is here! I can finally start writing fulltime!!!!

Of course, graduating from CCU is bittersweet…there are definitely going to be a bunch of people in Denver that I will miss. But I’m not saying a full goodbye: I’m already planning a visit to Denver to see everybody. But I’m also glad that my home address is once again in New Mexico! Unpacking and setting up my writing nook is tons of fun!

Anyway, my new status as a college graduate means that I now have the time to turn my attention to being an author, and all that entails. I have a lot of plans and a lot of learning to do. I hope you all are patient with me as I move through the growing pains of this new chapter in my life (ha…chapter. I’m so funny 😉 )

For now, those growing pains are probably going to look like a lot of changes to my website, social media, and to my books. The timetable for all of that is still in flux, but I’m excited!

I’m still hoping to publish Broken Healer this month, probably toward the end. Lord willing, I’ll have a preorder link up for you all soon (and a cover. I am so excited for you all to see the cover!).