Hello hello!

So, I’ve got some updates on several matters. First, as of Wednesday I will have finished my last midterm (oh for the day I can say that about finals!), and I’ve registered for my graduation ceremony. It’s starting to get real, guys!

However, in between midterms and my final final (ha, I crack myself up), are a LOT of involved school assignments. And senoritis is starting to hit (mostly in the form of reading way too many novels considering the amount of schoolwork I have to get done), making it even more important to guard my concentration…

Partly because of this, I’m pushing back Broken Healer’s release until after graduation. I want to have the time to give it my full attention before releasing it to the world, and I just…can’t do that right now. But! This delay will also give me a chance to implement some of my growing plans for my post-graduation days. I won’t reveal them all now because spoilers, but one fun piece of it will be new covers for the Agonizomai books!

That’s pretty much all…I just wanted to let you all that I’m still breathing, and that it’s going to be a bit longer before Broken Healer’s debut. Hope you all are surviving and thriving in this year 2021! Aaaand here’s a cat picture for your troubles: