Hello hello, and happy 2021!

I finally finished my Christmas present to you all! Now it’s more of a Christmas/congratulations-you-made-it-through-2020 present. Click here to see it on Amazon (or see the link at the bottom of the post). I tried to make it free, but for some reason Amazon wouldn’t let me price it lower than 99 cents. For now I haven’t enrolled it in Kindle Select (so it’s not on Kindle Unlimited) so that I can share it for free here later on if I want to, but that is something I’m open to changing. Let me know if you’d prefer one or the other!

The short story takes place in Agon a few years after Frosted Fire, and it’s from Henry’s perspective. Now, full disclosure: I meant for this to be a light, happy little short story for you all, but then I decided I wanted it to be from Henry’s POV to give you guys a glimpse of how he interacts with the characters in Frosted Fire after the book ends. And, well…Henry doesn’t do lighthearted. It’s very difficult getting him to lighten up enough to smile, let alone take part in a celebration. That’s part of who he is and part of what he needs to work on. But anyway, that’s part of why it took so long to write: me wrestling with Henry. But there’s people celebrating around him, and Zef gets him to loosen up a little…so we’re making progress.

Other than a new short story, most of my efforts have been toward Broken Healer (we’re making progress guys! I’m hopeful that its release will be this month!) and planning out my writing year. I have this awesome new bullet journal that I’m trying out that’ll hopefully help me stay more organized and on top of things with my writing so I can plan long term. It’s my first excursion into the world of bullet journals, so we’ll see how it works out… (if any of you have any tips and suggestions for bullet journal set-ups and tools, feel free to shout them out! I love office supplies and making things pretty, so any excuse to buy more makes me happy)

Of course, there’s the matter of my last semester of college (woohoo!) that keeps me from planning the first few months of my year too ambitiously, but after that there’s wide open freedom! (That’s an exaggeration, but I’m going to ignore that for now).

So that’s my 2021 so far…how about you all? How have you spend the first five days of this new year?