Hello hello!

I’m home for Thanksgiving! This year more than ever I am so thankful for this time at home with my family, even if this break feels a bit like an extended homework session.

Ah yes, homework. I’ve got a 20 page research paper in the works (due in about two weeks…I’m trying not to think about that too closely), so I haven’t been doing much writing or editing lately. Broken Healer’s release date may have to be pushed to January, but that’s not a sure thing. I’m hoping to go through another round of edits during break as well, but it does depend a bit on how much homework I can get done.

The research paper is fun, though, and definitely worth it. I don’t know how many of you know or remember that I have two majors: Biblical Studies, with the ever-valuable exegeticals, and History. This semester I’m taking the capstone of the History Major, the backbone of which is an intense paper featuring primary research. In other words, I get to be a historian instead of synthesizing what historians say. It’s extremely intimidating and I may have a panic attack when I have to turn it in, but I’m really enjoying writing my paper. It’s on my Grandpa Speedy, who had a fascinating life, and I’ve loved digging through his documents and interviewing people. I may share it here when it’s finished, if any of you are interested. It’s an academic paper, but it still has heart to it (I hope). And hopefully it’ll be good enough that you’ll forgive me for the (possible) delay on Broken Healer. 😉

If you need any good books in the meantime, one of my favorite authors, K.M. Shea, just released a wonderful book called Crown of Shadows. It’s the first in a trilogy, but it’s a rapid-release series, and I think the last in the series will be available in January. Another of my favorite authors, W.R. Gingell, has the next book in her City Between series (which I highly recommend) coming out in about a week. So you gots options!

…In fact, I may or may not have binge-read K. M. Shea’s book on Friday instead of writing…You know, maybe… Okay, definitely. I also ignored homework that morning, despite my best intentions to do otherwise. Don’t judge me! We authors have reading needs too! And I have no regrets: that book is awesome.

That’s about all the update I have for now. Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, you guys!