Hello hello!

Everybody. I have accomplished the almost impossible. I have actually met (and slightly exceeded) an estimation/goal. Today I finished the rough draft of Agonizomai Series book 3!

The rough draft is a bit shorter than my last couple of books…about 76k words (the rough draft of Born in Darkness was somewhere around 90k), but there’s a big section of this book that needs some major tweaking and expansion, so it’s very likely that this book will grow significantly in the next draft.

A particularly exciting bit about this particular book is that this is the fastest I’ve ever written a rough draft of one of my books. Between school and life, it usually it takes me seven or eight months to write a rough draft. Even Stone Heart, which is barely long enough to call a novel, took me five months for the rough draft. Online school and COVID craziness prevented me from starting this book in earnest until the end of the semester, so that means start to finish this rough draft took about four months. This bodes extremely well for after graduation, when writing will slide up in my priority list to school’s vacated spot.

I’m so excited, you guys. I was wondering if I’d have to put off my next book release until after senior year, but the progress I’ve made this summer means you might get another book this year (But don’t quote me on that. I’m still going to get settled in classes before I venture forth with an official release estimate).

Well, that’s my happy news of the week! I hope you’re all doing well! I’m settling in to my apartment and prepping for classes on Monday…let another school year begin!

And good luck to students, teachers, and all the other myriads of people it takes to run schools! Your task this year isn’t easy, but you can do it!