Hello hello!

I hope everyone’s summer is going well! This is such a weird year, and for many a very difficult year, but I hope you all have some piece of joy during these strange times. For me, it’s writing. There’s so much I usually do in the summers that I can’t do this year, including work at the Bible Camp I usually spend four weeks at. It’s sad and I’m still mourning it, but the extra time does allow me to focus more on writing my next book.

Speaking of my next book, I have a writing update! Book three in the Agonzomai series is progressing nicely. Yesterday I broke 40,000 words (which I think is somewhere between one-third and half way through, but you all know how bad I am at estimates, so don’t quote me on that). It’s pretty early for setting a release date (early for me, anyway), but I’m loosely aiming for early spring 2021. If that changes I’ll let you know. 😉

This story is wonderful to write! I’ve actually been waiting to write this book since before Born in Darkness. In some ways it’s a challenge to write. Like Henry, the main character of this book has a difficult past. But she also has this determination to see the beauty in everything (even when she can’t see any good in herself), which is a nice note of hope. I’m hoping to post more excerpts in the coming weeks, so be watching my Facebook page!

And finally, pictures! A few weeks ago I realized that a lot of my pictures on my author profiles (and on my website) were from my senior year of high school. The pictures are four years old by now (which is honestly a terrifying realization), but I further found that I didn’t have any suitable substitutes from more recently. So last weekend I went into the mountains with my most excellent photographer (aka, Mom) and the very necessary observer/hammock-hanger (aka, my little brother). It was so much fun! You’ll see a couple of the pictures in the various places that require profile pictures and the “About Me” page here on my website, but I thought I’d share a few extra on this post just for fun.

That’s it for this week. Stay safe, keep cool, and make sure to read a bunch of books!