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In my last post I promised some information on the book I’m writing now that Born in Darkness is out, and now I’m here to follow through! Before I tell you what it is, though, a bit of a funny story… I have started four books since finishing Born in Darkness. Yes, four. Only two have more than a few disjointed scenes. I think I’ve figured out which one is my main project for the next few months, but…yeah. It’s been interesting.

Son Doong Cave, Hang Son Doong - World's largest cave!
This is a picture of Hang Son Doong, the largest cave in the world. What does it have to do with the next Agonizomai book? You’ll have to read to find out… 😉

All of that aside, what’s my next book? Book 3 of the Agonizomai series! This book will jump back to the timeline that begins with Frosted Fire (although it is a few years later…) and follows characters you haven’t met yet (are all the characters new? Will we meet some old friends? You’ll have to read the book to find out… mwahahaha!) I’ve been waiting to introduce this main character for years, so I’m really excited to write this book. To reward you for being amazing readers (and to start building your curiosity and anticipation…), below is an excerpt!

Now, keep in mind that this is a rough draft, unedited, etc, etc. Please forgive any mistakes you might find. (Also, for some reason it’s messing with my formatting, italics and such. So that’s odd.) And enjoy!

“All I know is that a dragon leads them.”

Liar. The dragon kings were dead. The hope that they’d return was little more than a child’s legend. Why would he send me searching for a dragon?

“I’ve seen it,” the man said. “Maksim has tried to find it’s lair, but all we know as that it’s between here and the Shoque Sea.”


This time his smile was genuine, though it barely lasted a heartbeat. “You need to be more specific.”

Sioned glared at him. She inched forward again, interested to see the flames die back slightly when she did so.

“Why does Maksim want a dragon?”

“Ah…that I can’t tell you.”

Can’t or won’t? It didn’t matter. Sioned took another small step forward. Then she leapt forward, fingers reaching toward his bared face. Only he grabbed her throat, twisting her around so her back was pressed against his chest, her arms pinned to her sides. She squirmed, but his grip only tightened.

“I won’t let you kill me,” he whispered. Sioned flinched at his breath on her ear. He didn’t move away.

“Follow the river downstream. The dragon should find you.”

Unless Maksim does first. Sioned tried twisting again, but still his grip held.

“I’ll let you go,” the man said. “But first…tell me your name.”


“I’m saving your life. Don’t I deserve some sort of thanks?”

There was laughter in his voice, and the way it softened Sioned’s heart worried her more than the black flames or how strong he was.

“I haven’t heard my name in years.”

“But you still remember it.”

He was right. But that didn’t mean Sioned was going to tell him. Again she fought to pull free, and again she failed to even loosen his grip.

“I won’t let you go until you tell me.”

Sioned didn’t understand this man. She didn’t like the way his arms held her against him, and she didn’t like that he was playing games with her. But she knew better than to test the patience of someone holding her captive.

“Sioned.” She went limp as she spoke, as if saying her name took all the fight out of her.

“Sioned.” He said her name like he was tasting it. She tried to ignore the zing down her spine at the sound.

“What’s yours?” Sioned asked on impulse.

He chuckled. “Kolye.” He paused. Was it her imagination, or were his hands loosening?

“I’m going to let you go, Sioned,” he whispered. “When I do, you’re going to run. And if you ever see me again, you’re going to kill me.”

Ooooh boy. I hope you liked it! (I certainly had fun writing it). Keep an eye out for more excerpts here and on my Facebook page as the book progresses, and have a great week!