Hello hello!

I have two pieces of good news! First, Born in Darkness is available in paperback now! Click here to see it on Amazon. Whew! That took longer than it should’ve, but life got a little crazy (well…a little more crazy).

And that brings me to my next piece of good news! I’m finished with another year of college! It was a little touch and go for a while on whether or not I’d make it through with my GPA (not to mention my sanity) intact, but there were no notable fatalities, so I’m calling it a victory. (Video conference discussion classes are not for the faint of heart…I will be very glad to go back to an actual classroom)

But being over with school for the summer means more time for writing! Even more than usual, actually…the sad bit is that the Bible Camp I usually work at isn’t happening this summer because of Corona Virus, and with everything still shut down my family hasn’t been getting out and about much. But there are still stories to write!

The last few weeks of the school year I didn’t write much (at all, really). Well, I was writing, but papers don’t count. But now I’m moving forward again, and it is a very nice feeling. Once I get a little deeper into my writing world I’ll tell you guys what my next project is (and maybe even give you an excerpt). 😉

I hope you all are doing well! Let me know if there’s anything I can pray about for you.

And in the comments…do you have any fun ways you’re passing the time in quarantine? (Or ways of celebrating, for those in places that are lifting stay at home orders)