Hello hello!

Once again it’s been too long since my last post… and now I’ll explain the reason for that! Last Thursday my university notified us that we’re going online for the rest of the semester because of the Coronavirus, and that we all needed to be moved out of our apartments by Spring Break. So I spent that weekend furiously packing, looking for storage, and figuring out how in the world I’m going to write an exegetical and two research papers without access to my university’s library. I even had to skip my Friday morning writing. 🙁

But! I’m home now, and thankfully I have spring break to settle in before I start online classes. And now I can turn my focus to books!

I’m excited to announce that Born in Darkness will be available for pre-order this Thursday! It’ll come out the week after (I’ll give you the specific day once I have some stuff figured out).

To celebrate Born in Darkness’s upcoming release (and to give you all some entertainment during this time of social distancing and channeling your inner introvert), we’re gonna have some fun this week! Tomorrow watch my website and my Facebook page for a reveal of Born in Darkness’s cover! Then Monday through Wednesday, Frosted Fire is only $0.99! After that, keep an eye out that next week for more sneak-peeks and fun stuff in the final days before Born in Darkness’s release!

I know things are crazy now, but my hopes are that this book will give you some joy in this time of uncertainty. Life hasn’t stopped, and though we’re facing changes and situations that are mostly new to us, not everything is different. Love, joy, faith, hope…these things remain. And I hope that this book, and all the fun-ness I have planned between now and when it’s released to the world, can be a bit of light and normalcy in a world that right now is tipping on its head.

I love you all, and I’m praying for you all! Watch for more updates and and events leading up to Born in Darkness’s release, and remember…nothing takes God by surprise. Lean into Him, trust Him. He is the Light that no chaos of this world or darkness of evil can extinguish.