Hello hello!

Snow day!!! Well, sort of. My university opened late, and since all of my classes today are in the morning, that meant I got to sit around in my pj’s drinking coffee and doing (surprise surprise) homework. Sigh.

At the moment, though, I’m procrastinating on the rest of my homework to write this post, even though I’m not completely sure what to write about. Writing news is pretty much the same…finished another round of editing for Born in Darkness, working on cover ideas, writing my next book…same ole, same ole. Next post I might have Born in Darkness’s release date narrowed down to a month…hopefully.

Photo by Maegan Simpson on February 03, 2020.

I’ve also hit my secret garden mood, but I don’t have anything to write about it at the moment. I did paint my mountains yesterday, so I’ll leave that for you guys to see. 😉

This is a really short post… but oh well. Next time I’ll get into something more substantial, even if it’s a another rant against snow. 😉

Have a good week guys!