Hello hello!

I’m back at school now, already through my first week of classes. Syllabus shock has knocked me down as I look at all the assignments on my calendar and wonder how exactly I’m going to write that many papers in so few months, and it has faded as I settle into classes, sign up for paper deadlines, and trust God to carry me through to another summer. It’s gonna be hard, but then every semester is hard.

Onto writing…remember in my past post, when I said I never truly know which story I’ll write next until I begin? I’ve started my next book, and it’s in the Agonizomai series…but it isn’t the book I expected to write next. Even since that post my trajectory has shifted. A story that had been waiting quietly, occasionally whispering to me as it slowly built, has broken forth into full-fledged song. Last Friday I began committing that song to paper, and even amidst the homework (not as much homework as there should’ve been, but I’m ignoring that) I’m already 5,000 words into the book. Like Henry’s story, this is a story I’ve had for several years. Already it’s grown far beyond what it first was. The character I thought was quiet and timid has an inner voice that is rich and bold, and I’m excited to explore this story from her point of view.

That’s pretty much my news for the week. Born in Darkness is with my awesome editor. And I’m already starting to hit that yearning for spring, but I’m not to my waxing-dramatic stage yet. Maybe next post. 😉