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A much needed pronunciation guide (At least, I needed it…)

No, I didn’t sneeze… Jolabokaflod is the name of an Icelandic tradition that translates roughly to “book flood” in English. The tradition is this: on the night of Christmas Eve families exchange books, and then they curl up with blankets and cocoa to spend the rest of the night reading!

Sounds like the perfect tradition to me…books, warm drinks, blankets, probably cats if you have them (because, you know…blankets are like cat magnets). It sounds like such a wonderful way to spend the night of Christmas Eve!

But what does this have to do with my blog (other than giving you another super cool fact)? As my Christmas present to you, and in honor of Jolabokaflod , all of my kindle books are FREE December 24th!

Make sure to grab them during the special. And if you already have them, did you know you can give kindle books as gifts? Great for Jolabokaflod 😉

Merry Christmas everybody!!! And enjoy your free books!