So, once again I missed my normal post time, but this time I have a semi-respectable reason! The weekend I meant to post an update I was home for Thanksgiving Break (which was wonderful!). That alone means more distractions, but this time I faced the slight problem of a power outage. And then our internet was out. Ahem. Like I said, semi-respectable.

Coffee, music, and editing…all I need is a cat!

I have news to make up for it, though… over break I finished the rough draft of Born in Darkness!!! It clocked in at over 92,000 words, my longest book yet, and I’m already working on adding more scenes to flesh out some bits. Goodness, guys…I love this book so much. Maybe that’s cheesy for me to say when I’m the one who wrote it, but it’s true! I think this is my favorite so far. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Editing is already underway, though I can’t really say how long it will take because I’m also juggling end of semester schoolwork (I have three papers due next week, but it’s fine. Everything’s fine. *laugh turns to sobbing*). But if I can keep breathing until Christmas Break, hopefully I’ll make a lot of progress. I’m hoping for a release sometime in…mid spring? With that optimistic estimate, I better get back to work.

Keep a lookout on here and my Facebook page for sneak peeks! There may or may not be some sort of Christmas deal to watch for, as well… 😉 Stay warm, guys!