Hello hello!

It’s fall!!! Today it’s one of those gray days, with the blank blanket of clouds blocking out the sun and shrouding the mountains from sight, with a misty sort of rain and wind that reminds us winter is coming. One of those days with a wonderful chill that sparks life even as if makes me shiver. Beautiful. All the same, I’m happy for my hoodie.

And the leaves! The leaves are so beautiful… This past weekend I was out in the mountains, once again rendered breathless by the golden rivers of aspen groves across the mountains. But I think the scene that captures me most with the autumn aspens is those hidden canyons with the deep shadows, where the leaves of liquid sunlight are impossibly lit in the midst of dark conifers and dim crevices. There’s something so mysterious about it…something compelling. Maybe there’s a faery story there…

Anyway, writing update. This past weekend I didn’t really write (My Mom came up to visit, so I was too busy hanging out with her and exploring the mountains), but other than that I’ve been making good progress! Henry is going through quite the adventures, and they’re good for him, even the ones that aren’t…fun. Maybe I’ll post some excerpts to give you a taste of what’s in store. 😉 This book is probably going to beat Frosted Fire for my longest work. There’s so much of Henry’s story to tell! I’m excited for you guys to read it so I’m not fan-girling over characters no one knows anything about (an author fan girling over her own characters is allowed, right? I hope so…). I know I’m terrible at estimates, but right now I’m hoping for a spring/early summer release? It all depends on schoolwork, as usual.

As for the faery stories, I have one more to share with you (that’ll hopefully be ready soon, but midterms are coming so I can’t promise anything) and then I’ll start on gathering them together! Since it’s kind of a side project, I have no idea when I’ll be finished. I really just work on them as the inspiration comes or when Henry’s being particularly difficult with me.

I’m going to be trying something a little new on my Facebook page… every so often I’ll be posting short excerpts from current projects (and sometimes from books I’ve already released). So watch for those!

That’s all for now! I’ve gotta go cook dinner (and read some more of a very detailed, very long textbook I have to write a paper on). Hope your fall is going well! And don’t forget to enjoy it! In all the busyness, a glimpse of autumn splendor does wonders. And who knows? Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of another world just beyond the trees…